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Faith is obedience, not compliance.
      - George MacDonald

The principal part of faith is patience.
      - George MacDonald

Given a man full of faith, you will have a man tenacious in purpose, absorbed in one grand object, simple in his motives, in whom selfishness has been driven out by the power of a mightier love, and indolence stirred into unwearied energy.
      - Alexander Maclaren

Ye children of promise who are awaiting your call to glory, take possession of the inheritance that now is yours. By faith take the promises. Live upon them, not upon emotions. Remember, feeling is not faith. Faith grasps and clings to the promises. Faith says, "I am certain, not because feeling testifies to it, but because God says it."
      - Bernard Mandeville

Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable.
      - Henry Louis Mencken

Let none henceforth seek needless cause to approve the faith they own; when earnestly they seek such proof, conclude they then begin to fail.
      - John Milton

O welcome, pure-eyed Faith, white-handed Hope.
  Thou hovering angel, girt with golden wings.
      - John Milton

O welcome pure-ey'd Faith, white-handed Hope,
  Thou hovering angel, girt with golden wings!
      - John Milton, Comus (l. 213)

That in such righteousness
  To them by faith imputed they may find
    Justification towards God, and peace
      Of conscience.
      - John Milton, Paradise Lost
         (bk. XII, l. 294)

Yet I argue not
  Again Heaven's hand or will, nor bate a jot
    Of right or hope; but still bear up and steer
      Right onward.
      - John Milton, To Cyriack Skinner

How many things served us yesterday for articles of faith, which to-day are fables to us!
  [Fr., Combien de choses nous servoient heir d'articles de foy, qui nous sont fables aujourd'hui!]
      - Michel Eyquem de Montaigne, Essays
         (bk. I, ch. XXVI)

Faith is the flame that lifts the sacrifice to heaven.
      - James Montgomery

But Faith, fanatic Faith, once wedded fast
  To some dear falsehood, hugs it to the last.
      - Thomas Moore,
        Lalla Rookh--The Veiled Prophet of Khorassan

If faith produce no works, I see
  That faith is not a living tree.
    Thus faith and works together grow;
      No separate life they e'er can know:
        They're soul and body, hand and heart:
          What God hath joined, let no man part.
      - Hannah More, Dan and Jane

Faith is the inspiration of nobleness, it is the strength of integrity; it is the life of love, and is everlasting growth for it; it is courage of soul, and bridges over for our crossing the gulf between worldliness and heavenly-mindedness; and it is the sense of the unseen, without which we could not feel God nor hope for heaven.
      - William Mountford (1)

The light of genius is sometimes so resplendent as to make a man walk through life, amid glory and acclamation; but it burns very dimly and low when carried into "the valley of the shadow of death." But faith is like the evening star, shining into our souls the more brightly, the deeper is the night of death in which they sink.
      - William Mountford (1)

All the scholastic scaffolding falls, as a ruined edifice, before one single word--faith.
      - Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon I)

A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.
      - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Youth without faith is a day without sun.
      - Ouida (pseudonym of Marie Louise de la Ramee)

We admit no faith to be justifying, which is not itself and in its own nature a spiritually vital principle of obedience and good works.
      - John Owen (2)

Faith is among men what gravity is among planets and suns.
      - Charles Henry Parkhurst

Faith is mind at its best, its bravest, and its fiercest. Faith is thought become poetry, and absorbing into itself the soul's great, passions. Faith is intellect carried up to its transfigurement.
      - Charles Henry Parkhurst

Faith is the heroism of intellect.
      - Charles Henry Parkhurst

Faith is the very heroism and enterprise of intellect. Faith is not a passivity, but a faculty. Faith is power, the material of effect. Faith is a kind of winged intellect. The great work men of history have been men who believed like giants.
      - Charles Henry Parkhurst

Faith affirms many things, respecting which the senses are silent, but nothing that they deny. It is superior, but never opposed to their testimony.
      - Blaise Pascal

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