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The material set forth herein is provided for research purposes and for literary critique, criticism and comparison only. It is not the intent of this site to disparage or offend or take commercial advantage of any person or group. If we have done so, we apologize. The views expressed by the authors or speakers herein are solely their views and not necessarily the views of GIGA. In the case of quotations, consideration must be made for the time period and the context in which the statement was made, i.e., its historical context. "Please don't kill the messenger!" This site contains links to other websites. GIGA assumes no responsibility for the content or the accuracy of material contained on those sites or for their privacy practices.

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This site does not require any registration or have visitors sign-in or otherwise log on. This site does not request any personal information or collect any personal information that personally identifies you or allows you to be personally contacted except that data which is included in e-mails (used to send responses to senders) and sent willingly to us. We do not use cookies. We do not sell or otherwise provide any specific personal visitor information to third parties, unless we have a good faith belief that such disclosure is necessary to conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process or to protect and defend our rights or property. All hits are logged for statistical purposes to determine usage, pages visited, and the like. This information is routinely logged by most sites presently on the internet to aid in improving their sites or gaining advertisers. Otherwise, we don't care who you are. If you have any questions regarding the privacy practices of this site, please contact us at MAILBOX{at}GIGA-USA{dot}COM.

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Obviously, most of the material contained on this site is not copyrighted by GIGA. Permission to use that material is hereby granted, except that it is noted that the actual copyright holder may have enforceable rights. Ownership of any copyrights belong to the respective owners thereof, and no right thereto or interest therein of any copyright is claimed by us. GIGA's use of such material is believed to constitute a fair use permitted under existing laws.

GIGA and John C. Shepard claim copyright as to the compilation of material contained herein and to material original to this site, including the specific look and feel thereof. This material may not be copied or redistributed for compensation of any kind, for commercial purposes, or for noncommercial purposes without our prior written permission. All rights are reserved.

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The GIGA name and the GIGA logo are trademarks registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by John C. Shepard. GIGA-USA, GIGA-USA.COM, and Varying Hare are trademarks owned by John C. Shepard. Ownership of any other trademarks belong to the respective owners thereof, and no right thereto or interest therein of any such trademark is claimed by us.

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This site is under continuous improvement. While we have no particular goals or timetable, it is hoped that the improvements and additions made add to its value without detracting from its usefulness. Please direct any comments or proposals for improving this site and any suggestions for new quotations or links to MAILBOX{at}GIGA-USA{dot}COM.

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The research material found on this site is organized into 4 main parts: (1) quotes; (2) biographical list; (3) reading list; and, (4) word puzzle applications. Quotes are grouped by author or by topic, and a few are selected as daily quotes and presented weekly. Quotes grouped by author are listed alphabetically by title of work (ignoring a leading article such as "a", "an", or "the"). Quotes grouped by topic are listed alphabetically by author's last name as is the biographical list. Spaces, hyphens and other punctuation which are a part of the last name are ignored. Last names beginning with articles, such as d', da, de, l', la, le, van, von, etc., meaning "of" or "the" before the formal name are sorted by just the formal name. This rule is not always followed because of common usage of some names. For example, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is listed under "Goethe", while Vincent Van Gogh is listed under "Van Gogh". Therefore, search all variations. Names such as Saint Francis are sorted under Francis. Authors having pseudonyms, pen names, married names, or names including initials are sorted under their most commonly known name, but are often listed under several names, so search all names. The reading list is presented in many formats, including fiction and nonfiction, alphabetically by title, alphabetically by author's last name and chronologically. The list of popular and useful internet links is grouped by category and subcategory.

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Site Design

This site is best viewed at a resolution of 800 x 600 with text set to Medium (10 point) on Explorer. This site is primarily designed to provide content, not to display artistry. Each page has a background which is light powder blue and upper menu bars for navigating through the site which are dark blue. The color and size of the main text is set by the user's browser; the color of the URL links (visited, unvisited and hover) is also set by the user's browser. A black font of medium point size provides good contrast with the background and balances readability with page usage and content. The suggested color for visited, unvisited and hover URLs is purple, blue and none (unchanged). Most of the other font colors and sizes used on the site are fixed so that there is some similarity of appearance regardless of the browser used.

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Linking to GIGA

If we add your link to our list, we would appreciate a link back. If you do link back, on your site insert this HTML code segment:

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Although we hope that there are no errors on this site, in view of the large volume of material contained on this site, there will undoubtedly be a variety of errors, including spelling errors, typographical errors, incorrect quote attributions, as well as errors of inclusion or exclusion. Even the esteemed Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (5th ed. 1999) has an error in its Thomas Jefferson quotation on the "Declaration of Independence", i.e., in the first sentence, "bonds" should be "bands". So, remember to always verify the citation and the actual content at the original source, because editors, translators and authorities and their various texts and editions differ and because errors are often made in transcribing quotes from the original or secondary sources. We accept no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for a visitor's use of material contained on this site, whether the material is accurate or inaccurate. All information and material on this site is provided "as is" and without warranty or guarantee of any kind.

Unfortunately, there will always be broken or dead links to other sites as other sites seem to come and go. Please report any errors, problems or dead links to MAILBOX{at}GIGA-USA{dot}COM. Since we appreciate your assistance in making this site informative and accurate, we will try to personally respond to any appropriate e-mail sent to us.

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Quote Research

While we do have a lot of quotations on this site and have access to a large variety of resource material, it is not our intent to provide free research regarding listed or unlisted quotes, attributions or sources. However, if you would like to ask us a question, which we may or may not answer, please direct it to MAILBOX{at}GIGA-USA{dot}COM.

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A list of definitions pertinent to quotations can be displayed by clicking here.

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Book Notes

A book, which is the generic term used here for any item of literature, is either classified as fiction or as nonfiction. The fiction category comprises novels, mysteries, romances, short stories, science fiction, children's fiction, and the like. The nonfiction category comprises all literature that is not within the fiction category, including histories, biographies, religious works, social and natural sciences, arts, plays, poems, historical documents, and ancient classics (which might actually be fictional). If a date is listed, it is the date of a work's first copyright or publication, or the best estimate of its date of first publication. When literary works are published as a series or over a period of time, the date listed is the first publication date of the first part. Please report any incorrect title, author or date in the reading list to MAILBOX{at}GIGA-USA{dot}COM.

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Free Downloads

If you need these programs on a 3.5-inch diskette or a CD, please e-mail us at MAILBOX{at}GIGA-USA{dot}COM. For a fee of $10, which includes shipping and handling, we will send you by U.S. mail copies of both on your selected media.

Graphic of front panel of my first computer, a MITS Altair 8800b:

MITS Altair 8800b Front Panel Graphic

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Financial Support

The use of this site is free and is supported out of our pocket. At this time there is very little advertising, no annoying pop-ups, or other disruptive features. However, if visitors wish to support us, please click on the Varying Hare icon and buy a book. Thanks for your support.

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Advertisers may contact us at MAILBOX{at}GIGA-USA{dot}COM. We will consider proper placement of non-obtrusive, respectful, relevant advertising from reputable firms on this site.

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