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There are three means of believing--by inspiration, by reason, and by custom. Christianity, which is the only rational institution, does yet admit none for its sons who do not believe by inspiration. Nor does it injure reason or custom, or debar them of their proper force; on the contrary, it directs us to open our minds by the proofs of the former, and to confirm our minds by the authority of the latter.
      - Blaise Pascal

Great is his faith who does believe his eyes.
      - Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore

The enormous faith of many made for one.
      - Alexander Pope, Essay on Man
         (ep. III, l. 242)

For modes of faith let graceless zealots fight;
  His can't be wrong whose life is in the right.
      - Alexander Pope, Essay on Man
         (ep. III, l. 305)

I'll ne'er distrust my God for cloth and bread while lilies flourish and the raven 's fed.
      - Francis Quarles

If thy faith have no doubts, thou has just cause to doubt thy faith; and if thy doubts have no hope, thou hast just reason to fear despair; when therefore thy doubts shall exercise thy faith, keep thy hopes firm to qualify thy doubts; so shall thy faith be secured from doubts; so shall thy doubts be preserved from despair.
      - Francis Quarles

There is a grand fearlessness in faith. He who in his heart of hearts reverences the good, the true, the holy--that is, reverences God--does not tremble at the apparent success of attacks upon the outworks of faith. They may shake those who rest on those outworks--they do not move him whose soul reposes on the truth itself. He needs no prop or crutches to support his faith. Founded on a Rock, Faith can afford to gaze undismayed at the approaches of Infidelity.
      - Frederick William Robertson

It is at night that faith in light is admirable.
      - Edmond Rostand

When my reason is afloat, my faith cannot long remain in suspense, and I believe in God as firmly as in any other truth whatever; in short, a thousand motives draw me to the consolatory side, and add the weight of hope to the equilibrium of reason.
      - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The qualities most needed are charity and tolerance, not some form of fanatical faith such as is offered to us by the various rampant isms.
      - Bertrand Arthur William Russell

I wonder many times that ever a child of God should have a sad heart, considering what the Lord is preparing for him.
      - Samuel Rutherford

Faith creates the virtues in which it believes.
      - Marquise de Sevigne, Marie de Rabutin-Chantal

Which to believe of her must be a faith that reason without miracle shall never plant in me.
      - William Shakespeare

Set on your foot,
  And with a heart new-fired I follow you,
    To do I know not what; but it sufficeth
      That Brutus leads me on.
      - William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar
         (Caius at II, i)

Thou almost mak'st me waver in my faith--
  To hold opinion with Pythagoras
    That souls of animals infuse themselves
      Into the trunks of men.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Merchant of Venice
         (Gratiano at IV, i)

We have not lost faith, but we have transferred it from God to the medical profession.
      - George Bernard Shaw

Men seldom think deeply on subjects in which they have no choice of opinion: they are fearful of encountering obstacles to their faith--as in religion--and so are content with the surface.
      - Richard Brinsley Sheridan

The saddest thing that can befall a soul.
  Is when it loses faith in God and woman.
      - Alexander Smith, A Life Drama (sc. 12)

Faith is the subtle chain
  Which binds us to the infinite; the voice
    Of a deep life within, that will remain
      Until we crowd it thence.
      - Elizabeth Oakes Smith (nee Prince),
        Atheism in Three Sonnets--Faith

It is always right that a man should be able to render a reason for the faith that is within him.
      - Sydney Smith, Lady Holland's Memoir
         (vol. I, p. 53)

Faith must be not only living, but lively, too; it must be brightened and stirred up by a particular exercise of those virtues specifically requisite to a due performance of duty.
      - Bishop Robert South

Have you not observed that faith is generally strongest in those whose character may be called the weakest?
      - Madame de Stael (Baronne Anne Louise Germaine de Stael-Holstein)

The division between faith and reason is a half-measure, till it is frankly admitted that faith has to do with fiction, and reason with fact.
      - Sir Leslie Stephen

Faith in a better than that which appears is no less required by art than by religion.
      - John Sterling

Faith, amid the disorders of a sinful life, is like the lamp burning in an ancient tomb.
      - Madame Anne Sophie Swetchine (Soimonoff)

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