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Scottish poet and novelist
(1824 - 1905)
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A gentle wind of western birth,
  From some far summer sea,
    Wakes daisies in the wintry earth.
      - [Wind]

A perfect faith would lift us absolutely above fear.
      - [Faith]

A true friend is forever a friend.
      - [Friends]

A voice is in the wind I do not know
  A meaning on the face of the high hills
    Whose utterance I cannot comprehend.
      A something is behind them: that is God.
      - [God]

Affliction is but the shadow of God's wing.
      - [Affliction]

Ah, what is it we send up thither, where our thoughts are either a dissonance or a sweetness and a grace?
      - [Prayer]

Alas! this time is never the time for self-denial, it is always the next time. Abstinence is so much more pleasant to contemplate upon the other side of indulgence.
      - [Self-denial]

All growth that is not towards God is growing to decay.
      - [Progress]

All haste implies weakness.
      - [Haste]

And in thy own sermon, thou
  That the sparrow falls dost allow,
    It shall not cause me any alarm;
      For neither so comes the bird to harm,
        Seeing our Father, thou hast said,
          Is by the sparrow's dying bed;
            Therefore it is a blessed place,
              And the sparrow in high grace.
      - [Sparrows]

As to the pure all things are pure, so the common mind sees far more vulgarity in others than the mind developed in genuine refinement.
      - [Vulgarity]

But for money and the need of it, there would not be half the friendship in the world. It is powerful for good if divinely used. Give it plenty of air, and it is sweet as the hawthorn; shut it up, and it cankers and breeds worms.
      - [Money]

Common people, whether lords or shop-keepers, are slow to understand that possession, whether in the shape of birth or lands or money or intellect, is a small affair in the difference between men.
      - [Possession]

Difficulty adds to result, as the ramming of powder sends the bullet the further.
      - [Opposition]

Division has done more to hide Christ from the view of men than all the infidelity that has ever been spoken.
      - [Churches]

Every soul has a landscape that changes with the wind that sweeps the sky, with the clouds that return after its rain.
      - [Fate]

Faith is obedience, not compliance.
      - [Faith]

Fear is faithlessness.
      - [Fear]

For the greatest fool and rascal in creation there is yet a worse condition; and that is, not to know it, but to think himself a respectable man.
      - [Obtuseness]

God hides nothing. His very work from the beginning is revelation--a casting aside of veil after veil, a showing unto men of truth after truth. On and on from fact Divine He advances, until at length in His Son Jesus He unveils His very face.
      - [God]

God Himself--His thoughts, His will, His love, His judgments are men's home. To think His thoughts, to choose His will, to judge His judgments, and thus to know that He is in us, with us, is to be at home. And to pass through the valley of the shadow of death is the way home, but only thus, that as all changes have hitherto led us nearer to this home, the knowledge of God, so this greatest of all outward changes--for it is but an outward change--will surely usher us into a region where there will be fresh possibilities of drawing nigh in heart, soul, and mind to the Father of us all.
      - [God]

He who is faithful over a few things is a lord of cities. It does not matter whether you preach in Westminster Abbey or teach a ragged class, so you be faithful. The faithfulness is all.
      - [Fidelity]

How many people would like to be good, if only they might be good without taking trouble about it! They do not like goodness well enough to hunger and thirst after it, or to sell all that they have that they may buy it; they will not batter at the gate of the kingdom of heaven; but they look with pleasure on this or that aerial castle of righteousness, and think it would be rather nice to live in it.
      - [Goodness]

I do not myself believe there is any misfortune. What men call such is merely the shadowside of a good.
      - [Misfortune]

I do not think that the road to contentment lies in despising what we have not got. Let us acknowledge all good, all delight that the world holds, and be content without it.
      - [Contentment]

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