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Ice [See Cold Icicles Snow Water]
Icicles (1) [Also see Cold Snow Water Weather]
Idealism (2) [Also see Ideality Ideals Purpose]
Ideality (24) [Also see Idealism Ideals]
Ideals (9) [Also see Aspiration Idealism Ideality Perfection Vision Youth]
Ideas (73) [Also see Opinion Thinking Thought Words]
Ideology (2) [Also see Puritanism]
Idioms [See Old Sayings Proverbial Phrases Proverbs Proverbs (General)]
Idiosyncrasy [See Eccentricity]
Idiots (7) [Also see Stupidity]
Idleness (100) [Also see Action Activity Business Delay Ease Employment Ennui Forgetfulness
           Inaction Inactivity Indifference Indolence Laziness Leisure Neglect Occupations Rest
           Retirement Sloth Solitude Study Time Work]

Idolatry (7) [Also see Gods Idols Religion]
Idols (7) [Also see God Gods Idolatry]
Ignominy [See Disgrace]
Ignorance (122) [Also see Blockhead Coxcomb Credulity Cultivation Darkness Dullness Experience
           Folly Fools Innocence Instruction Intelligence Knowledge Learning Mediocrity Mystery
           Simplicity Study Stupidity Superstition Vice Wisdom]

Ill-nature (7) [Also see Amiability Blustering Complaining Good Nature Malice Moroseness
           Perverseness Temper]

Illegality (1) [Also see Legality]
Ills (10) [Also see Adversity Evil Mischief Wrong]
Illusion (15) [Also see Delusion]
Image [See Idolatry Idols Self-image]
Imagination (90) [Also see Apparitions Castles in the Air Creativity Dreams Facts Fairies
           Fancy Fiction Mythology Poetry Poets Prophecy (Prophesy) Reverie Romance Speculation
           Spirit Spirits Thought Visions Wishes Wonder]

Imbeciles [See Idiots Stupidity]
Imitation (32) [Also see Affectation Emulation Example Fashion Flattery Hypocrisy Individuality
           Originality Plagiarism]

Immigration (3)
Immodesty (1)
Immorality (2) [Also see Depravity Morality]
Immortality (107) [Also see Death Eternity Fame Future Futurity Heaven Life Monuments Mortality
           Paradise Religion Resurrection Soul]

Impartiality [See Bias Bigotry Disinterestedness Partiality]
Impatience (21) [Also see Haste Patience Perseverance Restlessness Time]
Impenitence (4)
Imperfection (8) [Also see Perfection]
Imperialism (1) [Also see Conquest Nationalism]
Impertinence (2) [Also see Arrogance Boldness Impudence Incivility Insolence Insult Offense
           Politeness Rudeness]

Impetuosity [See Rashness]
Impiety [See Piety Profanity]
Impoliteness [See Impudence]
Importance (6) [Also see Care Concern Insignificance Interest Significance]
Imposition (3)
Impossibility (26) [Also see Absurdity Difficulties Facts Failure Opportunity Perfection Possibility
           Probability Success Trials]

Impression (1) [Also see Appearance Belief Facts Feeling Observation Opinion]
Imprisonment (3)
Impropriety [See Vulgarity]
Improvement (13) [Also see Change Civilization Education Progress Reform Self-improvement

Improvidence (3) [Also see Providence]
Imprudence [See Indiscretion]
Impudence (8) [Also see Boldness Impertinence Insult Offense Presumption]
Impulse (13) [Also see Haste Inclination Instinct Motive Mutability Passion Policy Rashness
           Reason Recklessness Reflection]

Impurity [See Decency Dirt Immodesty Lust Modesty Profanity Purity Vulgarity]
Inability (1) [Also see Ability Helplessness]
Inaccuracy (1) [Also see Accuracy Error]
Inaction (3) [Also see Action Activity Idleness Inactivity]
Inactivity (2) [Also see Action Activity Deeds Ennui Idleness Inaction Sloth]
Inanity [See Bores]
Inappropriateness (1)
Inattention [See Neglect]
Incentive [See Motive]
Incivility (1) [Also see Civility Courtesy Impertinence Manners Politeness Rudeness]
Inclination (7) [Also see Desire Disposition Duty Impulse Instinct Wishes]
Incomprehensibility (1)
Inconsistency (9) [Also see Absurdity Change Consistency Contrast Fickleness Inconstancy

Inconspicuous (2) [Also see Conspicuous]
Inconstancy (19) [Also see Apostasy Change Constancy Coquette Fickleness Inconsistency Levity
           Mutability Treachery Women Wooing]

Incredulity (8) [Also see Unbelief]
Indecency [See Decency Pornography]
Indecision (3) [Also see Change Decision Fickleness Firmness Hesitation Irresolution Mutability
           Neutrality Questions Skepticism Uncertainty Vacillation Weakness Will]

Indelicacy [See Delicacy]
Independence (28) [Also see America Bachelors Democracy Dependence Fourth of July Freedom
           Government Liberty Obstinacy Party Patriotism Politics Rebellion Right Rights Self-reliance
           Slavery War]

Independence Day (24) [Also see Holidays]
Indexes (10) [Also see Books]
India [See Asia Countries]
Indian Pipes (4) [Also see Flowers]
Indian Summer (1) [Also see Autumn Spring Summer Winter]
Indifference (23) [Also see Apathy Appetite Appreciation Aspiration Care Curiosity Desire
           Earnestness Emotion Ennui Enthusiasm Fastidiousness Forgetfulness Idleness Interest
           Lust Neglect Neutrality Passion Temptation Want Wishes Wonder Zeal]

Indigence [See Poverty]
Indigestion [See Diet Disease Feasting Gluttony Health Sickness]
Indignation (3) [Also see Affront Insult]
Indiscretion (8) [Also see Discretion Folly Haste Mistake Prudence Rashness Recklessness

Individualism (4) [Also see Ego Individuality]
Individuality (24) [Also see Character Distinction Eccentricity Ego Imitation Individualism
           Mob Originality Personality Singularity]

Indolence (21) [Also see Ambition Idleness Leisure Sloth Vivacity]
Indulgence (5) [Also see Abstinence Discipline Drinking Eating Firmness Intemperance Lust
           Luxury Pleasure Self-denial Voluptuousness Wine and Spirits]

Industry (47) [Also see Attention Business Diligence Economics Efficiency Effort Employment
           Labor Perseverance Production Sloth Thoroughness Work]

Inelegance [See Elegance Vulgarity]
Inequality (5) [Also see Equality Slavery]
Inertia [See Indolence]
Inevitable (4) [Also see Destiny]
Inexperience [See Experience Innocence]
Infamy [See Baseness Depravity Disgrace Glory Honor Scandal Shame Wickedness]
Infancy (4) [Also see Babies Babyhood Beginnings Birth Children Middle Age Old Age Youth]
Infatuation (4) [Also see Affection Love]
Inferiority (1) [Also see Superiority]
Infidelity (22) [Also see Adultery Atheism Christianity Faithfulness Fidelity Marriage Unbelief

Infinite (7) [Also see Infinity]
Infinity (2) [Also see Infinite]
Inflation (4) [Also see Business Economics Finance]
Influence (48) [Also see Angels Authority Electricity Example Favors Feeling Inspiration Motive
           Persuasion Power Prayer Sense Senses Sensibility Sentiment Sympathy]

Information (1) [Also see Data Knowledge]
Ingenuity [See Ability]
Ingenuousness [See Candor]
Ingratitude (58) [Also see Deceit Favors Gifts Gratitude Selfishness]
Inheritance (10) [Also see Ancestry Fortune Heirs Possession Prosperity Wealth Wills]
Inhumanity (1) [Also see Cruelty Humanity Man Society]
Iniquity [See Sin]
Injury (22) [Also see Abuse Aches Cruelty Hatred Hurt Insolence Insult Justice Loss Meanness
           Mischief Offense Oppression Pain Revenge Scandal Slander Unkindness Wounds Wrong]

Injustice (23) [Also see Equity Justice Law Offense Oppression Partiality Persecution Tyranny

Ink (4) [Also see Authorship Books Letters News Pen Writing]
Innocence (47) [Also see Blushes Character Chastity Childhood Credulity Experience Guilt Ignorance
           Judges Maidenhood Modesty Purity Simplicity Virtue Youth]

Innovation (3) [Also see Beginnings Change Custom Discovery Habit Invention Miracles Novelty
           Originality Precedent Singularity Tradition Variety]

Inns (18) [Also see Drinking Eating Festivities Guests Home Hospitality Hotels Intemperance
           Taverns Wine and Spirits]

Inquiry [See Curiosity Indifference Inquisitiveness Investigation Questions Science Study]
Inquisitiveness (7) [Also see Babblers Curiosity Eyes Questions]
Insanity (56) [Also see Delusion Intellect Madness Melancholy Mind Monomania Paranoia Psychology
           Ruin Sanity Senility Thought]

Insects (2) [Also see Animals Ants Bees Beetles Bugs Butterflies Fireflies Fleas Flies Glowworms
           Gnats Grasshoppers Katydids Midges Mosquitoes Moths Spiders]

Insecurity [See Security Uncertainty]
Insensibility [See Consolation Cultivation Delicacy Dullness Feeling Indifference Ingratitude Sensibility
           Sympathy Taste Vulgarity]

Insight [See Discernment]
Insignificance (1) [Also see Importance Significance]
Insincerity (5) [Also see Affectation Cant Deceit Dishonesty Dissimulation Hypocrisy Pretension
           Sincerity Treachery]

Insolence (1) [Also see Cruelty Impertinence Injury Insult]
Insolvency (1) [Also see Bankruptcy Debt Finance Money]
Insomnia (1) [Also see Sleep Weariness]
Inspiration (12) [Also see Enthusiasm Genius God Influence]
Instability [See Change Fickleness Firmness Inconsistency Inconstancy Indecision Irresolution Mutability
           Restlessness Uncertainty]

Installation Service (11) [Also see Churches Clergy Clergymen Ministers Pope Preaching Priests

Instinct (41) [Also see Feeling Impulse Inclination Intuition Mind Motive Perception Reason
           Sense Senses Sensibility Sentiment]

Instruction (4) [Also see Advice Counsel Education Ignorance Intellect Knowledge Learning
           Preaching Students Study Teaching]

Insubordination [See Disobedience]
Insult (24) [Also see Abuse Affront Arrogance Civility Compliments Contempt Courtesy Impertinence
           Impudence Indignation Injury Insolence Offense Ridicule Scandal Slander Sneer Unkindness

Insurrection [See Rebellion]
Integration (1) [Also see Bias Bigotry Equality Prejudice Race Racism]
Integrity (11) [Also see Character Conscience Dishonesty Honesty Honor Quackery Responsibility
           Right Truth Virtue]

Intellect (58) [Also see Body Capacity Genius Head Insanity Instruction Intelligence Knowledge
           Learning Mind Opinion Psychology Quality Reason Science Soul Talent Thought Understanding

Intelligence (17) [Also see Common Sense Discernment Discretion Dullness Ignorance Intellect
           Judgment Knowledge Mind Perception Prudence Reason Self-knowledge Sense Understanding

Intemperance (57) [Also see Drinking Drunkenness Excess Extremes Festivities Gluttony Indulgence
           Inns Luxury Sobriety Taverns Temperance Thirst Water Wine and Spirits]

Intention (5) [Also see Deeds Motive Promises Purpose]
Intercourse (2)
Interest (16) [Also see Attention Banks Care Concern Disinterestedness Expediency Importance
           Indifference Lending Motive Neutrality Self-love Selfishness]

Interfere [See Meddlers]
Interfering [See Busybodies]
Internet (2) [Also see Computers Engineering Technology]
Interpretation (1) [Also see Construction]
Intimacy [See Familiarity]
Intolerance (13) [Also see Arrogance Bigotry Dogmatism Fanaticism Forbearance Persecution
           Prejudice Racism Tolerance Toleration Tyranny Zeal]

Intoxication [See Drunkenness]
Intrigue (8) [Also see Conspiracy]
Intuition (8) [Also see Instinct Perception]
Invective [See Abuse]
Invention (37) [Also see Aeronautics Beginnings Discovery Exploration Folly Genius Innovation
           Navigation Necessity Novelty Originality Patents Prophecy (Prophesy) Science Wonder]

Inventors [See Invention]
Investigation (7) [Also see Science Self-examination]
Investment (4) [Also see Business]
Invitation (1)
Involvement [See Action Activity Participation]
Ire [See Anger]
Ireland (23) [Also see Countries Europe]
Irises (2) [Also see Flower-de-luce Flowers Plants]
Irony (8) [Also see Humor Jeering Ridicule Sarcasm Satire Sneer Wit]
Irrational (1) [Also see Reasonableness Unreasonableness]
Irresolution (10) [Also see Fickleness Indecision Mutability Purpose Resolution Restlessness
           Steadfastness Uncertainty Vacillation Weakness]

Irreverence (1) [Also see Levity]
Irritability [See Ill-nature]
Isar River (1) [Also see Germany Rivers]
Islands (10) [Also see Countries Crete Water World]
Isolation (2) [Also see Isolationism Solitude]
Isolationism (1) [Also see Colonialism Diplomacy Isolation Neutrality]
Italy (13) [Also see Arno River Countries Europe Florence Naples Po River Rome Tiber River

Ivy (12) [Also see Plants]

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