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Race (2) [Also see Ancestry Bias Equality Integration Prejudice Racism]
Racism (1) [Also see Bias Bigotry Integration Intolerance Prejudice Race]
Radicalism (3) [Also see Extremism Fanaticism Politics]
Radicals [See Extremism Fanaticism Radicalism]
Radio (3) [Also see Cinema Communication Electricity Media Movies Telegraph Television]
Rage (14) [Also see Anger Emotion Equanimity Hatred Madness Malice Passion Quarrels Resentment

Raillery [See Gravity Humor Irony Jeering Jesting Laughter Levity Mirth Nonsense Ridicule Sarcasm Satire

Raiment [See Dress]
Rain (48) [Also see Clouds Dew Nature Rainbows Snow Storms Sun Thunder Umbrellas Water Weather

Rainbows (28) [Also see Clouds Nature Rain Sky Storms Sun Weather]
Rancor [See Resentment]
Rank (8) [Also see Ancestry Aristocracy Birth Class Democracy Distinction Nobility Office
           Position Snobs Station Titles]

Rapacity [See Avarice]
Rapture (2)
Rascality [See Knavery]
Rashness (11) [Also see Audacity Boldness Caution Character Consideration Courage Daring Folly
           Forethought Haste Impulse Indiscretion Madness Recklessness Self-control Temper Valor

Rational [See Irrational Reasonableness Unreasonableness]
Rats [See Mammals]
Ravens (11) [Also see Animals Birds]
Reactionaries (1)
Readers (1) [Also see Reading]
Readiness (1) [Also see Preparation]
Reading (140) [Also see Authorship Books Criticism Education History Learning Libraries Literature
           Newspapers Novels Poetry Quotations Readers Recreation Romance Students Study Writing]

Realism [See Reality Romance Truth]
Reality (29) [Also see Facts Fantasy Fiction Romance Truth]
Reason (158) [Also see Argument Cause Common Sense Consideration Consistency Emotion Head Impulse
           Instinct Intellect Intelligence Judgment Justification Logic Mathematics Mind Motive
           Natural Law Persuasion Philosophy Psychology Reasonableness Science Sense Senses Sentiment
           Soul Thought Unreasonableness Wisdom]

Reasonableness (1) [Also see Irrational Reason Unreasonableness]
Reassurance [See Encouragement]
Rebellion (18) [Also see Conspiracy Defiance Discontent Discord Disobedience Dissension Independence
           Mob Obedience Obstinacy Opposition Perverseness Quarreling Resentment Resignation Resistance
           Revolution Soldiers Treachery Treason Tyranny War]

Rebuke (1) [Also see Censure]
Recalcitrance [See Perverseness]
Reciprocity (2)
Recklessness (3) [Also see Audacity Boldness Care Carelessness Caution Character Daring Folly
           Haste Impulse Indiscretion Madness Rashness Responsibility Self-will Valor Wantonness

Reckoning (2)
Recollection [See Memory]
Recompense [See Compensation Equity Injury Justice Reward]
Reconciliation (9) [Also see Adaptation Forgiveness]
Reconstruction (1)
Recreation (4) [Also see Action Amusements Cards Enjoyment Leisure Play Pleasure Reading
           Rest Sport Walking Work]

Recrimination [See Quarrels]
Rectitude [See Depravity Goodness Honesty Integrity Morality Right Virtue]
Recycling [See Conservation Environment Waste]
Red [See Colors Gray]
Redemption (18) [Also see Christ Christ (Saviour) Christianity Churches Compensation Death of Christ
           Doctrine Easter Faith Forgiveness Prayer Punishment Religion Repentance Resurrection
           Resurrection of Christ Revelation Salvation Worship]

Redundancy [See Repetition]
Reeds (1) [Also see Plants]
Refinement (18) [Also see Civility Civilization Cultivation Decency Delicacy Elegance Etiquette
           Good Breeding Modesty Politeness Sensibility Taste Vulgarity]

Reflection (17) [Also see Caution Confession Consideration Contemplation Discretion Forethought
           Hindsight Impulse Meditation Memory Observation Past Prudence Retrospection Self-examination

Reform (20) [Also see Agitation Change Character Churches Confession Conscience Corruption
           Improvement Opposition Progress Reformation Reformers Religion Remorse Repentance Self-improvement]

Reformation (24) [Also see Character Churches Confession Conscience Reform Religion Remorse

Reformers (1) [Also see Reform]
Regard [See Esteem]
Regeneration (11)
Regret (23) [Also see Apologies Confession Conscience Despair Disappointment Grief Joy Loss
           Past Remorse Repentance Sorrow]

Regularity [See Order]
Regulation [See Discipline Government Law Order Precepts Rules]
Rejoice [See Celebration]
Relations [See Aunts Family Kin Relatives]
Relatives (1) [Also see Aunts Family Heirs Kin]
Relaxation [See Recreation]
Reliability [See Integrity]
Religion (413) [Also see Agnosticism Atheism Being Belief Children's Day Christ Christ (Saviour)
           Christianity Churches Communion Confession Conversion Creed Death of Christ Deists Doctrine
           Duty Easter Faith Faith in Christ Faith in God Freedom of Religion God Gods Heaven Hell
           Heresy Holiness Idolatry Immortality Installation Service Jews Judaism Martyrdom Ministers
           Miracles Missionaries Mythology Myths Natural Law Pagan Piety Pope Praise Prayer Preaching
           Providence Puritanism Redemption Reform Reformation Resurrection Resurrection of Christ
           Retribution Revelation Reverence Righteousness Sabbath Sacrament Sacrifice Salvation
           Science Scripture Sects Spirituality Sunday School Superstition Symbols Theology Virtue

Remedies (3) [Also see Medicine]
Remembrance (24) [Also see Association Celebration Forgetfulness Memory Monuments Past Retrospection]
Remonstrance [See Argument]
Remorse (45) [Also see Apologies Conscience Despair Grief Guilt Hell Humility Melancholy Misery
           Reform Reformation Regret Repentance Retribution Shame Sorrow]

Remuneration [See Reward]
Renew (1)
Renown (1) [Also see Fame]
Renunciation [See Abstinence]
Repair (1)
Reparation [See Retribution]
Repartee (8) [Also see Conversation Humor Jesting Silence Speech Talking Wit]
Repentance (105) [Also see Apologies Christianity Confession Conscience Grief Guilt Penitence
           Prayer Redemption Reform Reformation Regret Remorse Retribution Revelation Sin Sorrow]

Repetition (2)
Repining [See Complaining]
Replace [See Renew]
Repletion [See Satiety]
Report [See Rumor]
Repose (24) [Also see Agitation Bed Calmness Contentment Equanimity Excitement Heart Leisure
           Peace Quiet Resignation Rest Restlessness Satisfaction Silence Sleep Solitude Tranquility]

Repression [See Self-control]
Reprisal [See Revenge]
Reproach (13) [Also see Reproof]
Reproof (14) [Also see Advice Censure Counsel Criticism Example Praise Reproach Scolding]
Reptiles [See Animals Crocodiles Frogs Turtles]
Republic (9) [Also see America Communism Democracy Despotism Equality Freedom Government
           Liberty Majority Minority States]

Republican Party [See Politicians Politics Republicans]
Republicans (1) [Also see Politicians Politics]
Reputation (86) [Also see Ambition Applause Calumny Character Consistency Credit Detraction
           Disgrace Fame Glory Good Will Gossip Greatness Honor Names Popularity Rumor Scandal

Request (5)
Research (7) [Also see Curiosity Science]
Resemblance [See Comparison]
Resentment (6) [Also see Anger Animosity Discontent Envy Forgiveness Hatred Malice Offense
           Passion Quarrels Rage Rebellion Revenge]

Reserve (5) [Also see Bashfulness Candor Concealment Dignity Distance Evasion Modesty Ostentation
           Secrecy Silence]

Residual (1)
Resignation (85) [Also see Calmness Endurance Equanimity Fortitude Humility Meekness Patience
           Philosophy Rebellion Repose Rest Self-resignation Suffering]

Resistance (1) [Also see Rebellion Strength]
Resolution (31) [Also see Character Choice Constancy Courage Decision Determination Firmness
           Fortitude Irresolution Obstinacy Perseverance Positiveness Power Promises Purpose Strength
           Vows Will Zeal]

Respect (18) [Also see Appearance Deference Honor Respectability Self-respect]
Respectability (1) [Also see Respect]
Responsibility (17) [Also see Accountability Care Character Duty Honor Integrity Nobility
           Obligation Recklessness Self-reliance Stewardship Trust]

Rest (51) [Also see Action Bed Calmness Comfort Contentment Death Exercise Heart Idleness
           Leisure Midnight Patience Peace Quiet Recreation Repose Resignation Retirement Sabbath
           Satisfaction Silence Sleep Solitude Walking]

Restlessness (1) [Also see Activity Agitation Ambition Discontent Impatience Irresolution
           Repose Vagrant]

Restoration [See Repair]
Restraint (1) [Also see Moderation]
Results (34) [Also see Beginnings Circumstance Consequences End Punishment]
Resurrection (12) [Also see Christ Christ (Saviour) Christian Christianity Death Death of Christ
           Easter Eternity Futurity Good Friday Graves Heaven Immortality Miracles Mortality Oblivion
           Redemption Religion Resurrection of Christ]

Resurrection of Christ (4) [Also see Christ Christ (Saviour) Christian Christianity Christians
           Christmas Churches Cross Death Death of Christ Doctrine Easter God Good Friday Perfection
           Providence Redemption Religion Resurrection Theology]

Retaliation (4) [Also see Cruelty Murder Punishment Retribution Revenge]
Reticence [See Reserve]
Retirement (30) [Also see Acquaintances Business Idleness Leisure Quitting Rest Solitude Work]
Retribution (29) [Also see Compensation Crime Death Hell Judgment Justice Providence Punishment
           Religion Remorse Repentance Retaliation Revenge Reward]

Retrospection (14) [Also see Forethought Meditation Memory Past Reflection Remembrance Reverie

Revelation (5) [Also see Doctrine Futurity God Heaven Redemption Religion Repentance Scripture
           Visions Wonder]

Revenge (92) [Also see Anger Cruelty Enemies Evil Forgiveness Hatred Injury Malice Murder
           Passion Punishment Resentment Retaliation Retribution Vengeance]

Reverence (3) [Also see Admiration Chivalry Contempt Deference Devotion Holiness Honor Piety
           Prayer Profanity Religion Righteousness Sabbath Worship]

Reverie (6) [Also see Association Attention Dreams Fancy Imagination Meditation Memory Retrospection
           Speculation Thought]

Reverses (4) [Also see Misfortune]
Revery [See Reverie]
Revolution (54) [Also see Anarchy Communism Conservatism Democracy Dissension Force Freedom
           Government Liberty Mob Murder Opposition Rebellion Tyranny Violence War Washington, George]

Reward (5) [Also see Bribery Compensation Gifts Justice Punishment Retribution Wages]
Rhetoric (5) [Also see Argument Books Eloquence Language Logic Loquacity Oratory Silence
           Sophistry Speech Style Talking Words Writing]

Rhine River (9) [Also see Europe Germany Rivers]
Rhone River (2) [Also see France Rivers]
Rhyme [See Poetry Words]
Rhythm [See Music Poetry]
Riches (113) [Also see Abundance Acquirement Affluence Avarice Covetousness Gold Luxury Mammon
           Misers Money Possession Poverty Property Prosperity Satiety Superfluity Wealth]

Ridicule (45) [Also see Absurdity Caricature Contempt Criticism Insult Irony Jeering Jesting
           Laughter Levity Praise Sarcasm Satire Scandal Slander Sneer Wit]

Right (55) [Also see Conscience Democracy Duty Equality Equity Evil Freedom Government Honesty
           Independence Integrity Judgment Justice Liberty Lincoln, Abraham Morality Offense Patriotism
           Possession Righteousness Rights Slavery Virtue Wrong]

Righteousness (7) [Also see Morality Religion Reverence Right Rights Virtue]
Rights (25) [Also see America Democracy Equality Equity Feminism Freedom Government Human Rights
           Independence Judgment Justice Liberty Lincoln, Abraham Patriotism Possession Right Righteousness
           Self-determination Slavery War]

Rigor (1) [Also see Firmness]
Risk (20) [Also see Danger]
Rites [See Ceremony]
Rivalry (15) [Also see Competition Contention Emulation Enemies Envy Friendship Jealousy Opposition

Rivers (29) [Also see Afton River Alph River Arno River Ayr River Bronx River Brooks Cam River
           Chattahoochee River Clyde River Congo River Dee River Doon River Dove River Isar River
           Keedron River Lee River Leven River Niagara Nile River Po River Potomac River Rhine River
           Rhone River Scheld River Schuylkill River Swanee River Teviot River Thames River Tiber River
           Water Yvette River]

Roads (3)
Robbery (3) [Also see Crime Theft Thieves Thieving]
Robins (12) [Also see Animals Birds]
Roguery [See Badness Baseness Bribery Crime Deceit Dishonesty Fraud Honesty Knavery Mischief Sin Villainy
           Wickedness Wrong]

Rogues (12)
Romance (19) [Also see Adventure Allegories Ballads Books Chivalry Courtship Fables Fancy
           Fiction Imagination Love Mystery Novels Poetry Reading Reality Story Telling Visions
           Writing Youth]

Rome (22) [Also see Cities Europe Italy Tiber River]
Rooks (3) [Also see Animals Birds]
Rosemaries (3) [Also see Flowers Plants]
Roses (121) [Also see Flowers Musk Roses Plants Sweetbrier Roses Wild Roses]
Routine [See Habit Order Tradition]
Royalty (105) [Also see Authority Ceremony Courtiers Crowns Dictatorship Favors Government
           History Kings Loyalty Nobility Politics Power Service Statesmanship Titles Treachery
           Treason Tyranny War]

Rubies (1) [Also see Jewels]
Rudeness (7) [Also see Civility Impertinence Incivility Manners Politeness]
Ruin (23) [Also see Chaos Cities Decay Failure Insanity Misfortune Ruins]
Ruins (14) [Also see Age Antiquity Association Cities Civilization Desolation Destruction
           History Memory Monuments Past Ruin Time]

Rules (1) [Also see Law Precepts]
Rumor (37) [Also see Babblers Busybodies Fame Gossip News Reputation Scandal Slander Story Telling
           Talking Tattling Tongue Truth]

Russia (3) [Also see Communism Countries Europe]
Ruthlessness [See Cruelty]

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