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English dramatist and poet
(1564 - 1616)
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  Men's vows are women's traitors! All good seeming,
    By thy revolt, O husband, shall be thought
      Put on for villainy, not born where't grows,
        But worn a bait for ladies.
      - Cymbeline (Pisanio at III, iv) [Matrimony]

Though those that are betrayed
  Do feel the treason sharply, yet the traitor
    Stands in worse case of woe.
      - Cymbeline (Imogen at III, iv) [Treason]

Would you, in their serving,
  And with what imitation you can borrow
    From youth of such a season, 'fore noble Lucius
      Present yourself, desire his service, tell him
        Wherein you're happy, which will make him know,
          If that his head have ear in music; doubtless
            With joy he will embrace you, for he's honorable,
              And, doubling that, most holy.
      - Cymbeline (Pisanio at III, iv) [Honor]

It fits us therefore ripely
  Our chariots and our horsemen be in readiness.
      - Cymbeline (Cymbeline at III, v) [Livery]

All gold and silver rather turn to dirt,
  An 'tis no better reckoned but of these
    Who worship dirty gods.
      - Cymbeline (Arviragus at III, vi) [Wealth]

Come, our stomachs
  Will make what's homely savory.
      - Cymbeline (Belarius at III, vi) [Hunger]

No wonder,
  When rich ones scarce tell true. To lapse in fulness
    Is sorer than to lie for need, and falsehood
      Is worse in kings than beggars.
      - Cymbeline (Imogen at III, vi) [Lying]

The sweat of industry would dry and die,
  But for the end it works to.
      - Cymbeline (Balarius at III, vi) [Proverbs]

  Can snore upon the flint when resty sloth
    Finds the down pillow hard.
      - Cymbeline (Belarius at III, vi)
        [Proverbs : Rest : Sleep]

(Cloten:) Thou villain base,
  Know'st me not by my clothes?
    (Guiderius:) No, nor thy tailor, rascal,
      Who is thy grandfather. He made those clothes,
        Which, as it seems, make thee.
      - Cymbeline (Cloten & Guiderius at IV, ii)
        [Apparel : Tailors]

Cowards father cowards and base things sire base;
  Nature hath meal and bran, contempt and grace.
      - Cymbeline (Belarius at IV, ii)

Golden lads and girls all must,
  As chimney-sweepers, come to dust.
      - Cymbeline (Guiderius at IV, ii) [Death]

Great griefs, I see, med'cine the less, for Cloten
  Is quite forgot.
      - Cymbeline (Belarius at IV, ii) [Grief]

I am ill, but your being by me
  Cannot amend me; society is no comfort
    To one not sociable.
      - Cymbeline (Imogen at IV, ii) [Society]

I know not why
  I love this youth, and I have heard you say
    Love's reason's without reason.
      - Cymbeline (Arviragus at IV, ii) [Love]

Last night the very gods showed me a vision--
  I fast and prayed for their intelligence--thus:
    I saw Jove's bird, the Roman eagle, winged
      From the spongy south to this part of the west,
        There vanished in the sunbeams; which portends,
          Unless my sins abuse my divination,
            Success to th' Roman host.
      - Cymbeline (Soothsayer at IV, ii) [Eagles]

Nobly he yokes
  A smiling with a sigh, as if the sigh
    Was that it was for not being such a smile;
      The smile mocking the sigh that it would fly
        From so divine a temple to commix
          With winds that sailors rail at.
      - Cymbeline (Arviragus at IV, ii) [Smiles]

O melancholy,
  Who ever yet could sound thy bottom, find
    The ooze, to show what coast thy sluggish crare
      Might eas'liest harbor in?
      - Cymbeline (Belarius at IV, ii)

So man and man should be,
  But clay and clay differs in dignity,
    Whose dust is both alike.
      - Cymbeline (Imogen at IV, ii) [Dignity]

Some falls the means are happier to rise.
      - Cymbeline (Caius Lucius at IV, ii)

These flow'rs are like the pleasures of the world;
  This bloody man, the care on't.
      - Cymbeline (Imogen at IV, ii) [Flowers]

They are as gentle
  As zephyrs blowing below the violet,
    Not wagging his sweet head; and yet as rough,
      Their royal blood enchafed, as the rud'st wind
        That by the top doth take the mountain pine
          And make him stoop to th' vale.
      - Cymbeline (Belarius at IV, ii)

Though mean and mighty, rotting
  Together, have one dust, yet reverence,
    That angel of the world, doth make distinction
      Of place 'tween high and low.
      - Cymbeline (Belarius at IV, ii) [Equality]

To who? To thee? What art thou? Have not I
  An arm as big as thine? A heart as big?
    Thy words, I grant, are bigger, for I wear not
      My dagger in my mouth.
      - Cymbeline (Guiderius at IV, ii) [Words]

With fairest flowers,
  Whilst summer lasts and I live here, Fidele,
    I'll sweeten thy sad grave. Thou shalt not lack
      The flower that's like thy face, pale primrose; nor
        The azured harebell, like thy veins; no, nor
          The leaf of eglantine, whom not to slander,
            Outsweet'ned not thy breath.
      - Cymbeline (Arviragus at IV, ii) [Flowers]

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