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English dramatist and poet
(1564 - 1616)
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All tongues speak of him, and the bleared sights
  Are spectacled to see him.
      - Coriolanus (Brutus at II, i) [Popularity]

I am known to be a humorous patrician, and one that loves a cup of hot wine with not a drop of allaying Tiber in't; said to be something imperfect in favoring the first complaint; hasty and tinder-like upon too trivial motion; one that converses more with the buttock of the night than with the forehead of the morning.
      - Coriolanus (Menenius at II, i)
        [Wine and Spirits]

I have seen the dumb men throng to see him, and
  The blind to hear him speak. Matrons flung gloves,
    Ladies and maids their scarfs and handkerchers,
      Upon him as he passed. The nobles bended,
        As to Jove's statue, and the commons made
          A shower and thunder with their caps and shouts.
            I never saw the like.
      - Coriolanus (Messenger at II, i)

You wear out a good wholesome forenoon in hearing a cause between an orange-wife and a forset-seller, and then rejourn the controversy of threepence to a second day of audience.
      - Coriolanus (Menenius at II, i) [Law]

Faith, there hath been many great men that have flattered the people, who ne'er loved them; and there be many that they have loved, they know not wherefore; so that, if they love they know not why, they hate upon no better a ground.
      - Coriolanus (Second Officer at II, ii)

He covets less
  Than misery itself would give; rewards
    His deeds with doing them; and is content
      To spend the time to end it.
      - Coriolanus (Cominius at II, ii) [Deeds]

In that day's feats,
  When he might act the woman in the scene,
    He prov'd best man i' th' field, and for his meed
      Was brow-bound with the oak.
      - Coriolanus (Cominius at II, ii) [Strength]

Ingratitude is monstrous; and for the multitude to be ingrateful were to make a monster of the multitude; of which we being members, should bring ourselves to be monstrous members.
      - Coriolanus (Third Citizen at II, ii)

And to make us no better thought of, a little help will serve; for once we stood up about the corn, he himself stuck not to call us the many-headed multitude.
      - Coriolanus (First Citizen at II, iii)

Custom calls me to 't.
  What custom wills, in all things should we do't,
    The dust on antique time would lie unswept
      And mountainous error be too highly heaped
        For truth t' o'erpeer.
      - Coriolanus (Coriolanus at II, iii)

I thank you for your voices, thank you!
  Your most sweet voices! Now you have left your voices,
    I have no further with you.
      - Coriolanus (Third Citizen at II, iii)

Every man has a bag hanging before him, in which he puts his neighbour's faults, and another behind him in which he stows his own.
      - Coriolanus (II,i) [Faults]

He hath resisted law;
  And therefore law shall scorn him further trial
    Than the severity of the public power,
      Which he so sets at nought.
      - Coriolanus (Sicinius at III, i) [Law]

His nature is too noble for the world.
  He would not flatter Neptune for his trident,
    Or Jove for's power to thunder.
      - Coriolanus (Menenius at III, i) [Nobility]

Now the good gods forbid
  That our renowned Rome, whose gratitude
    Towards her deserved children is enrolled
      In Jove's own book, like an unnatural dam
        Should now eat up her own!
      - Coriolanus (Menenius at III, i)

O, he's a limb that has but a disease:
  Mortal, to cut it off; to cure it, easy.
      - Coriolanus (Menenius at III, i) [Disease]

Shall remain!
  Hear you this Triton of the minnows? Mark you
    His absolute 'shall'?
      - Coriolanus (Coriolanus at III, i)

That is the way to lay the city flat,
  To bring the roof to the foundation,
    And bury all, which yet distinctly ranges,
      In heaps and piles of ruin.
      - Coriolanus (Cominius at III, i) [Cities]

What is the city but the people?
      - Coriolanus (Sicinius at III, i) [Cities]

. . . Action is eloquence, and the eyes of th' ignorant
  More learned than the ears. . . .
      - Coriolanus (Volumnia at III, ii)
        [Action : Eloquence]

If it be honor in your wars to seem
  The same you are not,--which, for your best ends,
    You adopt your policy--how is it less or worse,
      That it shall hold companionship in peace
        With honour, as in war: since that to both
          It stands in like request?
      - Coriolanus (Volumnia at III, ii)

Being once chafed, he cannot
  Be reigned again to temperance; then he speaks
    What's in his heart, and that is there which looks
      With us to break his neck.
      - Coriolanus (Brutus at III, iii) [Anger]

I do love
  My country's good with a respect more tender,
    More holy and profound, then mine own life,
      My dear wife's estimate, her womb increase,
        And treasure of my loins.
      - Coriolanus (Cominius at III, iii)

Determine on some course,
  More than a wild exposure to each chance
    That starts i' th' way before thee.
      - Coriolanus (Volumnia at IV, i) [Decision]

Anger's my meat. I sup upon myself,
  And so shall starve with feeding.
      - Coriolanus (Volumnia at IV, ii) [Anger]

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