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English dramatist and poet
(1564 - 1616)
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Fools are not mad folks.
      - Cymbeline (Imogen at II, iii) [Folly]

I would this music would come. I am advised to give her music a-mornings; they say it will penetrate.
      - Cymbeline (Cloten at II, iii) [Music]

There is gold for you. Sell me your good report.
      - Cymbeline (Cloten at II, iii) [Bribery]

'Tis gold
  Which buys admittance--oft it doth--yea, and makes
    Diana's rangers false themselves, yield up
      This deer to th' stand o' th' stealer: and 'tis gold
        Which makes the true man kill'd and saves the thief,
          Nay, sometimes hangs both thief and true man.
      - Cymbeline (Cloten at II, iii) [Bribery]

Her pretty action did outsell her gift,
  And yet enriched it too. She gave it me and said
    She prized it once.
      - Cymbeline (Iachimo at II, iv) [Proverbs]

It is a basilisk unto mine eye,
  Kills me to look on't.
      - Cymbeline (Posthumus at II, iv) [Fear]

Sir, my circumstances,
  Being so near the truth as I will make them,
    Must first induce you to believe; whose strength
      I will confirm with oath, which I doubt not
        You'll give me leave to spare when you shall find
          You need it not.
      - Cymbeline (Iachimo at II, iv)

For even to vice
  They are not constant, but are changing still
    One vice but of a minute old for one
      Not half so old as that.
      - Cymbeline (Posthumus at II, v)

For there's no motion
  That tends to vice in man, but I affirm
    It is the woman's part.
      - Cymbeline (Posthumus at II, v) [Proverbs]

Me of my lawful pleasure she restrained
  And prayed me oft forbearance--did it with
    A pudency so rosy, the sweet view on't
      Might well have warmed old Saturn--that I thought her
        As chaste as unsunned snow.
      - Cymbeline (Posthumus at II, v) [Chastity]

We are all bastards,
  And that most venerable man which I
    Did call my father was I know not where
      When I was stamped. Some coiner with his tools
        Made me a counterfeit; yet my mother seemed
          The Dian of that time.
      - Cymbeline (Posthumus at II, v) [Money]

Yet 'tis greater skill
  In a true hate to pray they have their will;
    The very devils cannot plague them better.
      - Cymbeline (Posthumus at II, v) [Hatred]

Remember, sir, my liege,
  The kings your ancestors, together with
    The natural bravery of your isle, which stands
      As Neptune's park, ribbed and paled in
        With rocks unscalable and roaring waters,
          With sands that will not bear your enemies' boats
            But suck them up to th' topmast.
      - Cymbeline
         (Queen, wife to Cymbeline at III, i)

You good gods,
  Let what is here contained relish of love,
    Of my lord's health, of his content--yet not
      That we two are asunder; let that grieve him.
        Some griefs are med'cinable; that is one of them,
          For it doth physic love--of his content
            All but in that.
      - Cymbeline (Imogen at III, ii) [Grief]

How hard it is to hide the sparks of nature!
      - Cymbeline (Belarius at III, iii) [Nature]

O, this life
  Is nobler than attending for a check,
    Richer than doing nothing for a robe,
      Prouder than rustling in unpaid-for silk:
        Such pain the cap of him that makes him fine
          Yet keeps his book uncrossed.
      - Cymbeline (Belarius at III, iii) [Pride]

Stoop, boys. This gate
  Instructs you how t' adore the heavens and bows you
    To a morning's holy office.
      - Cymbeline (Belarius at III, iii) [Worship]

The gates of monarchs
  Are arched so high that giants may jet through
    And keep their impious turbans on without
      Good morrow to the sun.
      - Cymbeline (Belarius at III, iii) [Royalty]

To apprehend thus
  Draws us a profit from all things we see,
    And often, to our comfort, shall we find
      The sharded beetle in a safer hold
        Than is the full-winged eagle.
      - Cymbeline (Belarius at III, iii) [Beetles]

What should we speak of
  When we are as old as you? When we shall hear
    The rain and wind beat dark December, how
      In this our pinching cave shall we discourse
        The freezing hours away?
      - Cymbeline (Arviragus at III, iii) [Age]

When on my three-foot stool I sit and tell
  The warlike feats I have done, his spirits fly out
    Into my story; say 'Thus mine enemy fell,
      And thus I set my foot on's neck,' even then
        The princely blood flows in his cheek, he sweats,
          Strains his young nerves, and puts himself in posture
            That acts my words.
      - Cymbeline (Belarius at III, iii)

When we shall hear
  The rain and wind beat dark December, how
    In this our pinching cave shall we discourse
      The freezing hours away?
      - Cymbeline (Arviragus at III, iii)

Against self-slaughter
  There is a prohibition so divine
    That cravens my weak hand.
      - Cymbeline (Imogen at III, iv) [Suicide]

If't be summer news,
  Smile to't before; if winterly, thou need'st
    But keep that count'nance still.
      - Cymbeline (Imogen at III, iv) [News]

No, 'tis slander,
  Whose edge is sharper than the sword, whose tongue
    Outvenoms all the worms of Nile, whose breath
      Rides on the posting winds and doth belie
        All corners of the world. Kings, queens. and states,
          Maids, matrons, nay, the secrets of the grave
            This viperous slander enters.
      - Cymbeline (Pisanio at III, iv)
        [Nile River : Slander]

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