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Much has seen said of the wisdom of old age. Old age is wise, I grant, for itself, but not wise for the community. It is wise in declining new enterprises, for it has not the power nor the time to execute them; wise in shrinking from difficulty, for it has not the strength to overcome it; wise in avoiding danger, for it lacks the faculty of ready and swift action, by which dangers are parried and converted into advantages. But this is not wisdom for mankind at large, by whom new enterprises must be undertaken, dangers met, and difficulties surmounted.
      - William Cullen Bryant

If you live to the age of a hundred, you have it made because very few people die past the age of a hundred.
      - George Burns

Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative.
      - Maurice Chevalier

Old Age, a second child, by nature curst
  With more and greater evils than the first,
    Weak, sickly, full of pains: in ev'ry breath
      Railing at life, and yet afraid of death.
      - Charles Churchill

Old age, especially an honored old age, has so great authority that this is of more value than all the pleasures of youth.
      - Cicero (Marcus Tullius Cicero) (often called "Tully" for short)

The happiest end of life is this: when the mind and the other senses being unimpaired, the same nature which put it together takes asunder her own work.
      - Cicero (Marcus Tullius Cicero) (often called "Tully" for short)

Old age is the repose of life; the rest that precedes the rest that remains.
      - Robert Collyer

You will know you're old when you cease to be amazed.
      - Noel Coward, said to Glenn Ford

Old age ain't no place for sissies.
      - Bette Davis

Old age is when the liver spots show through your gloves.
      - Phyllis Diller

You know you're old if they have discontinued your blood type.
      - Phyllis Diller

Age, like woman, requires fit surroundings.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being an old maid is like death by drowning, a really delightful sensation after you cease to struggle.
      - Edna Ferber

Old age and sickness bring out the essential characteristics of a man.
      - Justice Felix Frankfurter

The day of life spent in honest and benevolent labor comes in hope to an evening calm and lovely; and though the sun declines, the shadows that he leaves behind are only to curtain the spirit unto rest.
      - Henry Giles

The most common cause of fear of old age is associated with the possibility of poverty.
      - Napoleon Hill

When he is forsaken,
  Withered and shaken,
    What can an old man do but die?
      - Thomas Hood

It is a characteristic of old age to find the progress of time accelerated. The less one accomplishes in a given time, the shorter does the retrospect appear.
      - Wilhelm von Humboldt

After a man passes sixty, his mischief is mainly in his head.
      - Washington Irving

At length weariness succeeds to labor, and the mind lies at ease in the contemplation of her own attainments without any desire of new conquests or excursions. This is the age of recollection and narrative; the opinions are settled, and the avenues of apprehension shut against any new intelligence; the days that are to follow must pass in the inculcation of precepts already collected, and assertion of tenets already received; nothing is henceforward so odious as opposition, so insolent as doubt, or so dangerous as novelty.
      - Samuel Johnson (a/k/a Dr. Johnson) ("The Great Cham of Literature")

Old age deprives the intelligent man only of qualities useless to wisdom.
      - Joseph Joubert

The evening of a well spent life brings its lamps with it.
      - Joseph Joubert

The fears of old age disturb us, yet how few attain it?
      - Jean de la Bruyere

It is indeed the boundary of life, beyond which we are not to pass; which the law of nature has pitched for a limit not to be exceeded.
      - Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

The second childhood of a saint is the early infancy of a happy immortality, as we believe.
      - William Mountford (1)

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