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English bishop and theologian
(1613 - 1667)
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The best theology is rather a divine life than a divine knowledge.
      - [Theology]

The dearest thing in nature is not comparable to the dearest thing of friendship.
      - [Friendship]

The devil does not tempt people whom he finds suitably employed.
      - [Employment]

The devil does not tempt people whom he finds suitably employed.
      - [Employment]

The greatest talkers in the days of peace have been the most pusillanimous in the day of temptation.
      - [Talking]

The Lord's Prayer is short, mysterious, and, like the treasures of the spirit, full of wisdom and latent sense: it is not improper to draw forth those excellencies which are intended and signified by every petition, that by so excellent an authority we may know what it is lawful to beg of God.
      - [Prayer]

The love of money is a vertiginous pool, sucking all in to destiny it. It is troubled and uneven, giddy and unsafe; serving no end but its own, and that also in a restless and uneasy motion.
      - [Money]

The more tender our spirits are made by religion, the more ready we are to let in grief.
      - [Grief]

The shadow, wheresoever it passes, leaves no track behind it; and of the greatest personages of the world, when they are once dead, then there remains no more than if they had never lived. How many preceding emperors of the Assyrian monarchy were lords of the world as well as Alexander! and now we remain not only ignorant of their monuments, but know not so much as their names. And of the same great Alexander, what have we at this day except the vain noise of his fame?
      - [Ambition]

The sublimity of wisdom is to do those things living which are to be desired when dying.
      - [Wisdom]

The sun is the eye of the world; and he is indifferent to the negro or the cold Russian; to them that dwell under the line; and them that stand near the tropics,--the scalded Indian, or the poor boy that shakes at the foot of the Riphean hills; so is the mercy of God.
      - [Mercy]

The sun, reflecting upon the mud of strands and shores, is unpolluted in his beam.
      - [Sun]

The thing formed says that nothing formed it; and that which is made is, while that which made it is not! The folly is infinite.
      - [Atheism]

The truly virtuous do not easily credit evil that is told them of their neighbors; for if others may do amiss then they may these do amiss. Man is frail, and prone to evil, and therefore may soon fail in words.
      - [Evil]

The way to judge of religion is by doing our duty. Religion is rather a Divine life than a Divine knowledge. In heaven, indeed, we must first see, and then love; but here, on earth, we must first love, and love will open our eyes as well as our hearts, and we shall then see and perceive and understand.
      - [Religion]

There is but one way to heaven for the learned and the unlearned.
      - [Heaven]

There is no greater unreasonableness in the world than in the designs of ambition; for it makes the present certainly miserable, unsatisfactory, troublesome, and discontented, for the uncertain acquisition of an honor which nothing can secure; and, besides a thousand possibilities of miscarrying, it relies upon no greater certainty than our life; and when we are dead all the world sees who was the fool.
      - [Ambition]

Think of heaven with hearty purposes and peremptory designs to get thither.
      - [Heaven]

Those great and stormy passions do so spend the whole stock of grief that they presently admit a comfort and contrary affection; while a sorrow that is even and temperate goes on to its period with expectation and the distance of a just time.
      - [Grief]

To be impatient at the death of a person concerning whom it was certain he must die, is to mourn because thy friend was not born an angel.
      - [Mourners]

To be perpetually longing and impatiently desirous of anything, so that a man cannot abstain from it, is to lose a man's liberty, and to become a servant of meat and drink, or smoke.
      - [Habit]

To be proud of learning is the greatest ignorance.
      - [Learning]

To secure a contented spirit, measure your desires by your fortune, and not your fortune by your desires.
      - [Contentment]

War mends but few, and spoils multitudes.
      - [Soldiers]

We should carry up our affections to the mansions prepared for us above, where eternity is the measure, felicity the state, angels the company, the Lamb the light, and God the inheritance and portion of His people forever.
      - [Heaven]

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