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It has been said in praise of some men, that they could take whole hours together upon anything; but it must be owned to the honor of the other sex that there are many among them who can talk whole hours together upon nothing. I have known a woman branch out into a long extempore dissertation on the edging of a petticoat, and chide her servant for breaking a china cup, in all the figures of rhetoric.
      - Joseph Addison

Talkers and futile persons are commonly vain and credulous withal, for he that talketh what he knoweth will also talk what he knoweth not; therefore set it down that a habit of secrecy is both politic and moral: and in this part it is good, that a man's face gives his tongue leave to speak; for the discovery of a man's self by the tracts of his countenance is a great weakness, and betraying by how much it is many times more marked and believed than a man's words.
      - Francis Bacon

The honorablest part of talk is to give the occasion, and again to moderate and pass to somewhat else; for then a man leads the dance.
      - Francis Bacon

She spake,
  And his love-wilder'd and idolatrous soul
    Clung to the airy music of her words,
      Like a bird on a bough, high swaying in the wind.
      - Philip James Bailey

Thy talk is the sweet extract of all speech,
  And holds mine ear in blissful slavery.
      - Philip James Bailey

Speak gently! 'tis a little thing
  Dropped in the heart's deep well:
    The good, the joy, that it may bring
      Eternity shall tell.
      - David Bates, Speak Gently,
        often wrongfully attributed to G.W. Langford

I didn't really say everything I said.
      - Yogi Berra

Whether one talks well depends very much upon whom he has to talk to.
      - Christian Nestell Bovee

If only our great thinkers could learn to talk, and our great talkers could learn to think.
      - Ashleigh Brilliant

And we talk'd--oh, how we talk'd! her voice so cadenc'd in the talking,
  Made another singing--of the soul! a music without bars--
    While the leafy sounds of woodlands, humming round where we were walking,
      Brought interposition worthy--sweet,--as skies about the stars,
        And she spake such good thoughts natural, as if she always thought them.
      - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I consider looseness with words no less of a defect than looseness of the bowels.
      - John Calvin

If you don't wish a man to do a thing you had better get him to talk about it; for the more men talk, the more likely they are to do nothing else.
      - Thomas Carlyle

I think the first wisdom is to restrain the tongue.
      - Cato (Marcus Porcius Cato "The Elder") (a/k/a Cato the Censor)

Cautiously avoid talking of the domestic affairs either of yourself or of other people. Yours are nothing to them but tedious gossip, theirs are nothing to you.
      - 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope

Talk often, but never long; in that case, if you do not please, at least you are sure not to tire your hearers. Pay your own reckoning, but do not treat the whole company; this being one of the few cases in which people do not care to be treated, every one being fully convinced that he has wherewithal to pay.
      - 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope

I prefer the wisdom of the uneducated to the folly of the loquacious.
      - Cicero (Marcus Tullius Cicero) (often called "Tully" for short)

However irregular and desultory his talk, there is method in the fragments.
      - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

It is a difficult task to talk to the purpose, and to put life and perspicuity into our discourse.
      - Jeremy Collier

Butler compared the tongues of these eternal talkers to race-horses, which go the faster the less weight they carry.
      - Charles Caleb Colton

It has been well observed that the tongue discovers the state of the mind no less than that of the body; but in either case, before the philosopher or the physician can judge, the patient must open his mouth.
      - Charles Caleb Colton

There are prating coxcombs in the world who would rather talk than listen, although Shakespeare himself were the orator, and human nature the theme!
      - Charles Caleb Colton

Does a man speak foolishly?--suffer him gladly, for you are wise. Does he speak erroneously?--stop such a man's mouth with sound words that cannot be gainsaid. Does he speak truly?--rejoice in the truth.
      - Oliver Cromwell

Madame de Stael talks herself into a beauty.
      - John Philpot Curran

What you keep by you, you may change and mend;
  But words once spoke can never be recall'd.
      - Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl of Roscommon

Even wit is a burden when it talks too long.
      - John Dryden

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