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Scottish poet and novelist
(1824 - 1905)
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The doing of things from duty is but a stage on the road to the kingdom of truth and love.
      - [Duty]

The ideal is the only absolute real; and it must become the real in the individual life as well, however impossible they may count it who never tried it.
      - [Ideality]

The possession of wealth is, as it were, prepayment, and involves an obligation of honor to the doing of correspondent work.
      - [Wealth]

The principal part of faith is patience.
      - [Faith]

The region of the senses is the unbelieving part of the human soul.
      - [Belief]

The seed dies into a new life, and so does man.
      - [Immortality]

The world is full of resurrections. Every night that folds us up in darkness is a death; and those of you that have been out early, and have seen the first of the dawn, will know it--the day rises out of the night like a being that has burst its tomb and escaped into life.
      - [Death]

There are women who fly their falcons at any game, little birds and all.
      - [Flirting]

There is an aching that is worse than any pain.
      - [Regret]

There is but one thing that can free a man from superstition, and that is belief. All history proves it. The most sceptical have ever been the most credulous.
      - [Superstition]

There is no inborn longing that shall not be fulfilled. I think that is as certain as the forgiveness of sins.
      - [Desire]

There is one show of breeding vulgarity seldom assumes, simplicity.
      - [Simplicity]

They are not the best students who are most dependent on books. What can be got out of them is at best only material; a man must build his house for himself.
      - [Study]

Things come to the poor that can't get in at the door of the rich. Their money somehow blocks it up. It is a great privilege to be poor--one that no man covets, and brat a very few have sought to retain, but one that yet many have learned to prize.
      - [Poverty]

Those who do it always would as soon think of being conceited of eating their dinner as of doing their duty. What honest boy would pride himself on not picking a pocket? A thief who was trying to reform would.
      - [Duty]

Timely service, like timely gifts, is doubled in value.
      - [Promptness]

To have what we want is riches; but to be able to do without is power.
      - [Want]

To judge religion we must have it--not stare at it from the bottom of a seemingly interminable ladder.
      - [Religion]

Truth is a very different thing from fact; it is the loving contact of the soul with spiritual fact, vital and potent. It does not work in the soul independently of all faculty or qualification there for setting it forth or defending it. Truth in the inward parts is a power, not an opinion.
      - [Truth]

What a man is lies as certainly upon his countenance as in his heart, though none of his acquaintances may be able to read it. The very intercourse with him may have rendered it more difficult.
      - [Face]

What can money do to console a man with a headache?
      - [Money]

When I look into the blue sky, it seems so deep, so peaceful, so full of a mysterious tenderness that I could lie for centuries, and wait for the dawning of the face of God out of the awful loving-kindness.
      - [Sky]

When we are out of sympathy with the young, then I think our work in this world is over.
      - [Youth]

Will is not unfrequently weakness.
      - [Will]

You can't live on amusement. It is the froth on water,--an inch deep, and then the mud!
      - [Amusements]

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