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The soul of a true Christian appears like such a little white flower as we see in the spring of the year, low and humble on the ground, opening its bosom to receive the pleasant beams of the sun's glory, rejoicing, as it were, in a calm rapture, diffusing around a sweet fragrancy, standing peacefully and lovingly in the midst of other flowers round about, all in like manner opening their bosoms to drink in the light of the sun.
      - Jonathan Edwards

It is only to the individual that a soul is given.
      - Albert Einstein

The human soul is hospitable, and will entertain conflicting sentiments and contradictory opinions with much impartiality.
      - George Eliot (pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans Cross)

The action of the soul is oftener in that which is felt and left unsaid than in that which is said in any conversation. It broods over every society, and men unconsciously seek for it in each other.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The imaginative faculty of the soul must be fed with objects immense and eternal.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The soul knows no persons.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is a remedy for every wrong and a satisfaction for every soul.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

We cannot describe the natural history of the soul, but we know that it is divine. All things are known to the soul. It is not to be surprised by any communication. Nothing can be greater than it, let those fear and those fawn who will. The soul is in her native realm; and it is wider than space, older than time, wide as hope, rich as love. Pusillanimity and fear she refuses with a beautiful scorn; they are not for her who putteth on her coronation robes, and goes out through universal love to universal power.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The one thing in the world, of value, is the active soul.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Scholar

A soul which is conversant with virtue is like an ever flowing source, for it is pure and tranquil and potable and sweet and communicative (social) and rich and harmless and free from mischief.
      - Epictetus

We all dread a bodily paralysis, and would make use of every contrivance to avoid it; but none of us is troubled about a paralysis of the soul.
      - Epictetus

Oh! how seldom the soul is silent, in order that God may speak.
      - Francois de Salignac Fenelon

The principal thing in this world is to keep one's soul aloft.
      - Gustave Flaubert

Christ bounds and terminates the vast desires of the soul; He is the very Sabbath of the soul.
      - Rev. John Flavel (2)

Two things a master commits to his servant's care--the child and the child's clothes. It will be a poor excuse for the servant to say, at his master's return, "Sir, here are all the child's clothes, neat and clean, but the child is lost." Much so of the account that many will give to God of their souls and bodies at the great day. "Lord, here is my body; I am very grateful for it; I neglected nothing that belonged to its contents and welfare; but as for my soul, that is lost and cast away forever. I took little care and thought about it."
      - Rev. John Flavel (2)

The souls of men of undecided and feeble purpose are the graveyards of good intentions.
      - John Foster (1)

The soul of man is not a thing which comes and goes, is builded and decays like the elemental frame in which it is set to dwell, but a very living force, a very energy of God's organic will, which rules and moulds this universe.
      - James Anthony Froude

Gravity is the ballast of the soul, which keeps the mind steady.
      - Thomas Fuller (1),
        Holy and Profane States--Gravity

He was one of a lean body and visage, as if his eager soul, biting for anger at the clog of his body, desired to fret a passage through it.
      - Thomas Fuller (1),
        Life of the Duke of Alva

I am fully convinced that the soul is indestructible, and that its activity will continue through eternity. It is like the sun, which, to our eyes, seems to set in night; but it has in reality only gone to diffuse its light elsewhere.
      - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Men possessing small souls are generally the authors of great evils.
      - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

To me the external existence of my soul is proved from my idea of activity. If I work incessantly until my death, nature will give me another form of existence when the present can no longer sustain my spirit.
      - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The soul may be compared to a field of battle, where the armies are ready every moment to encounter. Not a single vice but has a more powerful opponent, and not one virtue but may be overborne by a combination of vices.
      - Oliver Goldsmith

I hardly know a sight that raises one's indignation more than that of an enlarged soul joined to a contracted fortune; unless it be that so much more common one, of a contracted soul joined to an enlarged fortune.
      - Sir Fulke Greville, 1st Baron Brooke, Lord Brooke

O fleeting soul of mine, my body's friend and guest, whither goes thou, pale, fearful, and pensive one? Why laugh not as of old?
  [Lat., Animula, vagula, blandula
    Hospes comesque corporis!
      Quae nunc abibis in loca,
        Pallidula, frigida nudula
          Nec ut soles dabis joca?]
      - Hadrian (Adrian), Aelius Publius Hadrianus Aelius,
        Ad Animam,
        according to Aelius Spartianus

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