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Music is another planet.
      - Alphonse Daudet

Don't play what's there, play what's not there.
      - Miles Davis

I'll play it first and tell you what it is later.
      - Miles Davis

The truest expression of a people is in its dances and its music. Bodies never lie.
      - Agnes George de Mille,
        in the "New York Times Magazine", May 11, 1975

The harmony of things, as well as that of sound, from discord springs.
      - Sir John Denham

Curran's favorite mode of meditation was with his violin in his hand; for hours together would he forget himself, running voluntaries over the strings, while his imagination, collecting its tones, was opening all his faculties for the coming emergency at the bar.
      - Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield

Lord Bacon had music often played in the room adjoining his study; Milton listened to his organ for his solemn inspiration, and music was even necessary to Warburton; the symphonies which awoke in the poet sublime emotions might have composed the inventive mind of the great critic in the visions of his theoretical mysteries.
      - Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield

O, pleasant is the welcome kiss
  When day's dull round is o'er;
    And sweet the music of the step
      That meets us at the door.
      - Joseph Rodman Drake

The soft complaining flute
  In dying notes discovers
    The woes of hopeless lovers,
      Whose dirge is whisper'd by the warbling lute.
      - John Dryden, A Song for St. Cecilia's Day

Is it any weakness, pray, to be wrought on by exquisite music? to feel its wondrous harmonies searching the subtlest windings of your soul, the delicate fibres of life where no memory can penetrate, and binding together your whole being, past and present, in one unspeakable vibration; melting you in one moment with all the tenderness, all the love, that has been scattered through the toilsome years, concentrating in one emotion of heroic courage or resignation all the hard-learned lessons of self-renouncing sympathy, blending your present joy with past sorrow, and your present sorrow with all your past joy?
      - George Eliot (pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans Cross)

Melodies die out, like the pipe of Pan, with the ears that love them and listen for them.
      - George Eliot (pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans Cross)

There is no feeling, perhaps, except the extremes of fear and grief, that does not find relief in music,--that does not make a man sing or play the better.
      - George Eliot (pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans Cross)

'Tis God gives skill,
  But not without men's hands: He could not make
    Antonio Stradivari's violins
      Without Antonio.
      - George Eliot (pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans Cross),
        Stradivarius (l. 151)

Music sweeps by me as a messenger
  Carrying a message that is not for me.
      - George Eliot (pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans Cross),
        The Spanish Gypsy (bk. III)

I think sometimes could I only have music on my own terms; could I live in a great city, and know where I could go whenever I wished the ablution and inundation of musical waves, that were a bath and a medicine.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Music is the poor man's Parnassus.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The silent organ loudest chants
  The master's requiem.
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Dirge

Our 'prentice, Tom, may now refuse
  To wipe his scroundrel master's shoes;
    For now he's free to sing and play
      Over the hills and far away.
      - George Farquhar,
        Over the Hills and Far Away
         (act II, sc. 3)

Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilized into time and tune.
      - Thomas Fuller (1)

Such is the sociableness of music, it conforms itself to all companies, both in mirth and mourning; complying to improve that passion with which it finds the auditors most affected.
      - Thomas Fuller (1)

Music is the medicine of an afflicted mind, a sweet sad measure is the balm of a wounded spirit; and joy is heightened by exultant strains.
      - Henry Giles

The direct relation of music is not to ideas, but emotions. Music, in the works of its greatest masters, is more marvellous, more mysterious, than poetry.
      - Henry Giles

Music, in the best sense, does not require novelty; nay, the older it is, and the more we are accustomed to it, the greater its effect.
      - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

To blow is not to play on the flute; you must move the fingers.
  [Ger., Blasen ist nicht floten, ihr musst die Finger bewegen.]
      - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
        Spruche in Prosa (III)

This severe, ascetic music, calm and horizontal as the line of the ocean, monotonous by virtue of its serenity, anti-sensuous, and yet so intense in its contemplativeness that it verges sometimes on ecstasy.
      - Charles Francis Gounod, Patestrina

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