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The great men of the earth are but the marking-stones on the road of humanity; they are the priests of its religion.
      - Giuseppe Mazzini

The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart.
      - Mencius, Works (bk. IV, pt. II, ch. XII)

Are not great men the models of nations?
      - Owen Meredith (pseudonym of Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton, Lord Lytton)

By a certain fate, great acts, and great eloquence have most commonly gone hand in hand, equalling and honoring each other in the same ages.
      - John Milton

He alone is worthy of the appellation who either does great things, or teaches how they may be done, or describes them with a suitable majesty when they have been done; but those only are great things which tend to render life more happy, which increase the innocent enjoyments and comforts of existence, or which pave the way to a state of future bliss more permanent and more pure.
      - John Milton

Worthy deeds are not often destitute of worthy relaters; as, by a certain fate, great acts and great eloquence have most commonly gone hand in hand, equalling and honoring each other in the same age.
      - John Milton

Since we cannot attain to greatness, let us revenge ourselves by railing at it.
      - Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

The great are only great because we carry them on our shoulders; when we throw them off they sprawl on the ground.
  [Fr., Les grands ne sont grands que parceque nous, les portons sur nos epaules; nous n'avons qu' a les secouer pour en joncher la terre.]
      - Claude Duboscq-Montandre, Point de l'Ovale

Great men are meteors, consuming themselves to light the world.
      - Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon I)

Lives obscurely great.
      - Henry John Newboldt, Minora Sidera

Greatness, thou gaudy torment of out souls,
  The wise man's fetter, and the rage of fools.
      - Thomas Otway

Greatness is its own torment.
      - Theodore Parker

In all the world there is nothing so remarkable as a great man, nothing so rare, nothing which so well repays study.
      - Theodore Parker

The great man is to be the servant of mankind, not they of him.
      - Theodore Parker

The most useful is the greatest.
      - Theodore Parker

The use of great men is to serve the little men, to take care of the human race, and act as practical interpreters of justice and truth.
      - Theodore Parker

There never was a great truth but it was reverenced; never a great institution, nor a great man, that did not, sooner or later, receive the reverence of mankind.
      - Theodore Parker

Great and small suffer the same mishaps.
      - Blaise Pascal

In a great soul everything is great.
      - Blaise Pascal

That man is great who can use the brains of others to carry on his work.
      - Donn Piatt

To be great one must be positive, and gain strength through foes.
      - Donn Piatt

That man is great who rises to the emergencies of the occasion, and becomes master of the situation.
      - Donn Platt

The great are only great because we are on our knees. Let us rise up.
  [Fr., Les grands ne sont grands que parceque nous sommes a genoux: relevons nous.]
      - Prud'homme (Sully),
        Revolutions de Paris--Prolog

There are no small steps in great affairs.
      - Cardinal de Retz

Great souls attract sorrow as mountains do storms.
      - Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (Johann Paul Richter) (used ps. Jean Paul)

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