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Courage mounteth with occasion.
      - William Shakespeare

I rather tell thee what is to be fear'd,
  Than what I fear; for always I am Caesar.
      - William Shakespeare

The mind I sway by, and the heart I bear,
  Shall never sagg with doubt, nor shake with fear.
      - William Shakespeare

When by and by the din of war 'gan pierce
  His ready sense; then straight his doubled spirit
    Re-quicken'd what in flesh was fatigate,
      And to the battle came he; where he did
        Run reeking o'er the lives of men, as if
          'Twere a perpetual spoil; and till we call'd
            Both field and city ours he never stood
              To ease his breath with panting.
      - William Shakespeare

You must not think
  That we are made of stuff so fat and dull
    That we can let our beard be shook with danger,
      And think it pastime.
      - William Shakespeare,
        Hamlet Prince of Denmark
         (Claudius, King of Denmark at IV, vii)

O, the blood more stirs
  To rouse a lion than to start a hare!
      - William Shakespeare,
        King Henry the Fourth, Part I
         (Hotspur at I, iii)

The smallest worm will turn, being trodden on,
  And doves will peck in safeguard of their brood.
      - William Shakespeare,
        King Henry the Sixth, Part III
         (Clifford at II, ii)

The smallest worm will turn, being trodden on.
      - William Shakespeare,
        King Henry the Sixth, Part III
         (Clifford at II, ii)

Why, courage then, what cannot be avoided
  'Twere childish weakness to lament or fear.
      - William Shakespeare,
        King Henry the Sixth, Part III
         (Queen Margaret at V, iv)

Muster your wits; stand in your own defense,
  Or hide your heads like cowards, and fly hence.
      - William Shakespeare, Love's Labor's Lost
         (Boyet at V, ii)

We fail?
  But screw your courage to the sticking place
    And we'll not fail.
      - William Shakespeare, Macbeth
         (Lady Macbeth at I, vii)

He hath borne himself beyond the promise of his age, doing in the figure of a lamb the feats of a lion. He hath indeed bettered expectation than you must expect of me to tell you how.
      - William Shakespeare,
        Much Ado About Nothing
         (Messenger at I, i)

For in her ray and brightness
  The herd hath more annoyance by the breese
    Than by the tiger; but when the splitting wind
      Makes flexible the knees of knotted oaks,
        And flies fled under shade, why then the thing of courage,
          As roused with rage, with rage doth sympathize,
            And with an accent turned in self-same key
              Returns to chiding fortune.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The History of Troilus and Cressida
         (Nestor at I, iii)

By how much unexpected, by so much
  We must awake endeavor for defense,
    For courage mounteth with occasion.
      - William Shakespeare,
        The Life and Death of King John
         (Austria at II, i)

I never thought much of the courage of a lion-tamer. Inside the cage he is at least safe from people.
      - George Bernard Shaw

The most sublime courage I have ever witnessed has been among that class too poor to know they possessed it, and too humble for the world to discover it.
      - Henry Wheeler Shaw (used pseudonyms Josh Billings and Uncle Esek)

Remember, now, when you meet your antagonist, do everything in a mild, agreeable manner. Let your courage be as keen, but, at the same time, as polished as your sword.
      - Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Courage ought to be guided by skill, and skill armed by courage. Neither should hardiness darken wit, nor wit cool hardiness. Be valiant as men despising death, but confident as unwonted to be overcome.
      - Sir Philip Sidney (Sydney)

Courage without discipline is nearer beastliness than manhood.
      - Sir Philip Sidney (Sydney)

The first mark of valor is defence.
      - Sir Philip Sidney (Sydney)

Not to the ensanguin'd field of death alone
  Is valor limited: she sits serene
    In the deliberate council, sagely scans
      The source of action: weighs, prevents, provides,
        And scorns to count her glories, from the feats
          Of brutal force alone.
      - Tobias George Smollett

There is no courage but in innocence; no constancy but in an honest cause.
      - Thomas Southerne (Southern)

The best hearts are ever the bravest.
      - Laurence Sterne

Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.
      - Robert Louis Stevenson

The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise.
      - Tacitus (Caius Cornelius Tacitus)

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