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Scottish poet
(1759 - 1796)
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He turn'd him right and round about
  Upon the Irish shore,
    And gae his bridle reins a shake,
      With Adieu for evermore,
        My dear,
          With Adieu for evermore.
      - It Was a' for our Rightfu' King [Farewell]

Now a' is done that men can do,
  And a' is done in vain.
      - It Was a' for our Rightfu' King [Failure]

John Anderson, my jo, John,
  When we were first acquent,
    Your locks were like the raven,
      Your bonny brow was brent.
      - John Anderson [Past]

John Barleycorn was a hero bold,
  Of noble enterprise,
    For if you do but taste his blood,
      'Twill make your courage rise,
        Twill make a man forget his wo;
          'Twill heighten all his joy.
      - John Barleycorn [Wine and Spirits]

Their tricks and craft hae put me daft,
  They've ta'en me in, and a' that,
    But clear your decks, and--Here's the sex!
      I like the jads for a' that.
      - Jolly Beggars [Women]

The mother may forget the child
  That smiles sae sweetly on her knee;
    But I'll remember thee, Glencairn,
      And all that thou hast done for me!
      - Lament for Glencairn [Memory]

Now Nature hangs her mantle green
  On every blooming tree,
    And spreads her sheets o' daisies white
      Out o'er the grassy lea.
      - Lament of Mary Queen of Scots [Spring]

Now blooms the lily by the bank,
  The primrose down the brae;
    The hawthorn's budding in the glen,
      The milkwhite is the slae.
      - Lament of Mary, Queen of Scots [Flowers]

Are we a piece of machinery that, like the Aeolian harp, passive, takes the impression of the passing accident? Or do these workings argue something within us above the trodden cold?
      - Letter to Mrs. Dunlop,
        New Year-Day Morning [Creation]

Man's inhumanity to man
  Makes countless thousands mourn!
      - Man Was Made to Mourn [Cruelty : Proverbs]

Man,--whose heaven-erected face
  The smiles of love adorn,--
    Man's inhumanity to man
      Makes countless thousands mourn!
      - Man Was Made to Mourn [Man]

The primrose banks now fair!
      - My Chloris, Mark How Green the Groves

My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here;
  My heart's in the Highlands a-chasing the deer.
      - My Heart's in the Highlands,
        from an old song, "The Strong Winds of Derry"

The snowdrop and primrose our woodlands adorn,
  And violets bathe in the wet o' the morn.
      - My Nanny's Awa [Flowers]

She is a winsome wee thing,
  She is a handsome wee thing,
    She is a bonny wee thing,
      This sweet wee wife o' mine.
      - My Wife's a Winsome Wee Thing [Wives]

I'll be merry and free,
  I'll be sad for nae-body;
    If nae-body cares for me,
      I'll care for nae-body.
      - Nae-body [Contentment]

And I will pu' the pink, the emblem o' my dear,
  For she's the pink o' womankind, and blooms without a peer.
      - O Luve Will Venture In [Pinks]

The daisy's for simplicity and unaffected air.
      - O Luve Will Venture In [Daisies]

The hawthorn I will pu' wi' its lock o' siller gray,
  Where, like an aged man, it stands at break o' day.
      - O Luve Will Venture In [Hawthorn]

The hyacinth for constancy wi' its unchanging blue.
      - O Luve Will Venture In [Hyacinths]

Or were I in the wildest waste,
  Sae bleak and bare, sae bleak and bare,
    The desert were a paradise
      If thou wert there, if thou were there.
      - Oh! Wert Thou in the Cold Blast

Hear, Land o' Cakes, and brither Scots,
  Frae Maidenkirk to Johnie Groat's;-
    If there's a hole in a' your coats,
      I rede you tent it:
        A chield's amang you takin notes,
          And, faith, he'll prent it.
      - On Captain Grose's Peregrinations Thro' Scotland
        [Journalism : Scotland]

Oh my luve's like a red, red rose,
  That's newly sprung in June;
    Oh my luve's like the melodie
      That's sweetly played in tune.
      - Red, Red Rose [Love]

The wide world is all before us--
  But a world without a friend.
      - Strathallan's Lament [World]

Chords that vibrate sweetest pleasure
  Thrill the deepest notes of wo.
      - Sweet Sensibility [Sensibility]

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