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American essayist and poet
(1803 - 1882)
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What would be the use of immortality to a person who cannot use well a half an hour.
      - [Immortality]

What your heart thinks great is great. The soul's emphasis is always right.
      - [Greatness]

When a man speaks the truth in the spirit of truth, his eye is as clear as the heavens. When he has base ends, and speaks falsely, the eye is muddy, and sometimes asquint.
      - [Eyes]

When all shoot at one mark, the gods join in the combat.
      - [Unanimity]

When half-gods go, the gods arrive.
      - [Pretension]

When it is dark enough, men see the stars.
      - [Darkness]

When the boys come into my yard for leave to gather horse-chestnuts, I own I enter into nature's game, and affect to grant the permission reluctantly, fearing that any moment they will find out the imposture of that showy chaff. But this tenderness is quite unnecessary; the enchantments are laid on very thick. Their young life is thatched with them. Bare and grim to tears is the lot of the children in the hovel I saw yesterday; yet not the less they hang it round with frippery romance, like the children of the happiest fortune.
      - [Illusion]

When the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet, then all things are at risk. There is not a piece of science, but its flank may be turned to-morrow; there is not any literary reputation, nor the so-called eternal names of fame, that may not be revised and condemned.
      - [Thought]

When we attempt to define and describe God, both language and thought desert us, and we are as helpless as fools and savages.
      - [God]

When we have broken our god of tradition, and ceased from our god of rhetoric, then may God fire the heart with His presence.
      - [God]

When we see a special reformer we feel like asking him, What right have you, sir, to your own virtue? Is virtue piecemeal?
      - [Philanthropy]

Whenever you are sincerely pleased you are nourished.
      - [Pleasing]

Wherever there is failure, there is some giddiness, some superstition about luck, some step omitted, which, Nature never pardons.
      - [Failure]

Whilst we converse with what is above us, we do not grow old, but grow young.
      - [Excelsior]

Who loses a day loses life.
      - [Waste]

Whoso goes to walk alone, accuses the whole world; he declares all to be unfit to be his companions; it is very uncivil, nay, insulting; society will retaliate.
      - The Transcendentalist lecture at the Boston Masonic Temple, Dec. 1840

Whoso would be a man must be a non-conformist.
      - [Conformity]

Wisdom is infused into every form.
      - [Wisdom]

Wisdom is like electricity. There is no permanently wise man, but men capable of wisdom, who, being put into certain company, or other favorable conditions, become wise for a short time, as glasses rubbed acquire electric power for a while.
      - [Wisdom]

Wisdom is not found with those who dwell at their ease; rather nature, when she adds brain, adds difficulty.
      - [Difficulties]

Wise cultivated, genial conversation is the last flower of civilization, and the best result which life has to offer us,--a cup for gods, which has no repentance. Conversation is our account of ourselves. All we have, all we can, all we know, is brought into play, and as the reproduction in finer form, of all our havings.
      - [Conversation]

Wise men put their trust in ideas and not in circumstances.
      - [Ideas]

Wise men read very sharply all of your private history in your look and gait and behavior.
      - [Behavior]

Wit makes its own welcome, and levels all distinction. No dignity, no learning, no force of character, can make any stand against good wit. It is like ice, on which no beauty of form, no majesty of carriage, can plead any immunity; they must walk gingerly, according to the laws of ice, or down they must go, dignity and all.
      - [Wit]

With thought, with the ideal, is immortal hilarity, the rose of joy. Round it all the muses sing.
      - [Thought]

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