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Spanish epigrammatic poet
(c. 43 - 104)
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To-morrow life is too late: live to-day.
      - [Today]

To-morrow thou wilt live, didst thou say, Posthumus? to-day is too late; he is the wise man who lived yesterday.
      - [Tomorrow]

We know this to be all nonsense.
      - [Proverbs]

What quick wit is found in sudden straits!
      - [Wit]

Who called thee vicious was a lying elf; thou art not vicious, for thou art vice itself.
      - [Vice]

Wine and women bring misery.
      - [Proverbs]

Wish to be what you are, and wish for no other position.
      - [Proverbs]

You may envy every one, but no one envies you.
      - [Proverbs]

You see those fish before you, a beautiful example of the sculpture of Phidias; give them water, and they will swim.
      - [Epigrams]

You should not fear, nor yet should you wish for your last day.
      - [Death]

You utter all sorts of falsehoods, Pontilianus; I assent to them. You recite bad verses; I praise them. You sing; I do the same. You drink, Pontilianus; I drink also. You are rude; I pretend not to perceive it. You wish to play at chess; I allow myself to be beaten. There is one thing only which you do without me, and I hold my tongue on the subject. Yet you never make me the slightest present. "When I die," say you, "I shall remember you handsomely." I do not look for anything; but die.
      - [Epigrams]

You wonder that Marius' ear smells' unpleasantly. You are the cause of this, Nestor; you whisper into it.
      - [Epigrams]

Remember, cobbler, to keep to your leather.
  [Lat., Memento, in pellicula, cerdo, tenere tuo.]
      - 3, 16, 6 [Shoemaking]

I, a parrot, am taught by you the names of others: I have learned of myself to say, "Hail! Caesar!"
      - bk. XIV, ep. 73 [Names]

There are many different voice and languages; but there is but one voice of the peoples when you are declared to be the true "Father of your country."
  [Lat., Vox diversa sonat: populorum est vox tamen una,
    Cum verus Patriae diceris esse Pater.]
      - De Spectaculis (III, 11) [Patriotism]

Whoever is not too wise is wise.
  [Lat., Quisquis plus justo non sapit, ille sapit.]
      - Epigrammata (XIV, 10, 2) [Wisdom]

I am a shell-fish just come from being saturated with the waters of the Lucrine lake, near Baiae; but now I luxuriously thrust for noble pickle.
      - Epigrams (bk. 13, ep. 82) [Eating]

Joys do not stay, but take wing and fly away.
  [Lat., Gaudia non remanent, sed fugitiva volant.]
      - Epigrams (bk. I, 16, 8) [Joy]

You complain, Velox, that the epigrams which I write are long. You yourself write nothing; your attempts are shorter.
      - Epigrams (bk. I, ep. 110) [Epigrams]

Report says that you, Fidentinus, recite my compositions in public as if they were your own. If you allow them to be called mine, I will send you my verses gratis; if you wish them to be called yours, pray buy them, that they may be mine no longer.
      - Epigrams (bk. I, ep. 29) [Epigrams]

The book which you are reading aloud is mine, Fidentinus; but, while you read it so badly, it begins to be yours.
      - Epigrams (bk. I, ep. 38) [Epigrams]

Diaulus, lately a doctor, is now an undertaker' what he does as an undertaker, he used to do also as a doctor.
      - Epigrams (bk. I, ep. 47) [Undertakers]

My books need no one to accuse or judge you: the page which is yours stands up against you and says, "You are a thief."
      - Epigrams (bk. I, ep. 53) [Plagiarism]

You are pretty,--we know it; and young,--it is true; and rich,-- who can deny it? But when you praise yourself extravagantly, Fabulla, you appear neither rich, nor pretty, nor young.
      - Epigrams (bk. I, ep. 64) [Epigrams]

"You are too free spoken," is your constant remark to me, Choerilus. He who speaks against you, Choerilus, is indeed a free speaker.
      - Epigrams (bk. I, ep. 67) [Epigrams]

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