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German novelist and writer
(1763 - 1825)
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Time is a continual over-dropping of moments, which fall down one upon the other and evaporate.
      - [Time]

Time is the chrysalis of eternity.
      - [Time]

Time, which deadens hatred, secretly strengthens love; and in the hour of threatened separation its growth is manifested at once in radiant brightness.
      - [Parting]

To die for truth is not to die .for one's country, but to die for the world. Truth, like the Venus de Medici, will pass down in thirty fragments to posterity; but posterity will collect and recompose them into a goddess. Then, also, thy temple, O eternal Truth! that now stands half below the earth, made hollow by the sepulchres, of its witnesses, will raise itself in the total majesty of its proportions, and will stand in monumental granite; and every pillar on which it rests will be fixed in the grave of a martyr.
      - [Martyrs]

To form a brave man, educate boldly.
      - [Education]

To love all mankind, from the greatest to the lowest, a cheerful state of being is required; but in order to see into mankind, into life, and still more into ourselves, suffering is requisite.
      - [Sorrow]

To love early and marry late is to hear a lark singing at dawn, and at night to eat it roasted for supper.
      - [Matrimony]

To truth belongs freedom.
      - [Truth]

Trifles we should not let plague us only, but also gratify us; we should seize not their poison-bags only, but their honey-bags also.
      - [Trifles]

Unhappy is the man for whom his own mother has not made all other mothers venerable.
      - [Mothers]

Universal love is a glove without fingers, which fits all bands alike, and none closely; but true affection is like a glove with fingers, which fits one hand only, and sits close to that one.
      - [Affection]

We bewail our friends as if there were no better futurity yonder, and bewail ourselves as if there were no better futurity here; for all our passions are born atheists and infidels.
      - [Futurity]

We could not endure solitude were it not for the powerful companionship of hope, or of same unseen one.
      - [Solitude]

We do not marvel at the sunrise of a joy, only at its sunset! Then, on the other hand, we are amazed at the commencement of a sorrow-storm; but that it should go off in gentle showers, we think quite natural.
      - [Vicissitudes]

We learn our virtues from the bosom friends who love us; our faults from the enemy who hates us. We cannot easily discover our real form from a friend. He is a mirror on which the warmth of our breath impedes the clearness of the reflection.
      - [Friends]

We should be able to see without sadness our most holy wishes fade like sunflowers, because the sun above us still forever beams, eternally makes new, and cares for all.
      - [Resignation]

What is even poverty itself, that a man should murmur under it? It is but as the pain of piercing a maiden's ear, and you hang precious jewels in the wound.
      - [Poverty]

What is highest and noblest in man conceals itself.
      - [Nobility]

What most increases anger is the feeling that one is in the wrong.
      - [Anger]

When the heart of man is serene and tranquil, he wants to enjoy nothing but himself; every movement, even corporeal movement, shakes the brimming nectar cup too rudely.
      - [Heart]

When thou forgivest,--the man who has pierced thy heart stands to thee in the relation of the sea-worm that perforates the shell of the mussel which straightway closes the wound with a pearl.
      - [Forgiveness]

When we die, we shall find we have not lost our dreams; we have only lost our sleep.
      - [Dreams]

When, in your last hour (think of this), all faculty in the broken spirit shall fade away, and sink into inanity,--imagination, thought, effort, enjoyment,--then will the flower of belief, which blossoms even in the night, remain to refresh you with its fragrance in the last darkness.
      - [Belief]

Whoever can turn his weeping eyes to heaven has lost nothing; for there above is everything he can wish for here below. He only is a loser who persists in looking down on the narrow plains of the present time.
      - [Conspiracy]

Why does the evening, does the night, put warmer love in our hearts? Is it the nightly pressure of helplessness? or is it the exalting separation from the turmoils of life,--that veiling of the world in which for the soul nothing then remains but souls?
      - [Night]

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