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American statesman, orator and lawyer
(1782 - 1852)
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On the diffusion of education among the people rest the preservation and perpetuation of our free institutions.
      - [Education]

One may live as a conqueror, a king or a magistrate; but he must die as a man. The bed of death brings every human being to his pure individuality; to the intense contemplation of that deepest and most solemn of all relations, the relation between the creature and his Creator. Here it is that fame and renown cannot assist us; that all external things must fail to aid us; that even friends, affection and human love and devotedness cannot succor us.
      - [Death]

Other sins only speak, murder shrieks out.
  The element of water moistens the earth, But blood flies upwards and bedews the heavens.
      - [Murder]

Our government has been tried in peace, and it has been tried in war, and has proved itself fit for both. It has been assailed from without, and it has successfully resisted the shock; it has been disturbed within, and it has effectually quieted the disturbance. It can stand trial, it can stand assail, it can stand adversity, it can stand everything but the marring of its own beauty and the weakening of its own strength. It can stand everything but the effects of our own rashness and our own folly. It can stand everything but disorganization, disunion and nullification.
      - [Government]

Philosophical argument, especially that drawn from the vastness of the universe, in comparison with the insignificance of this globe, has sometimes shaken my reason for the faith that is in me; but my heart has always assured and reassured me that the gospel of Jesus Christ must be a divine reality. The Sermon on the Mount cannot merely be a human production. This belief enters into the very depth of my consciences.
      - [Christ]

Real goodness does not attach itself merely to this life; it points to another world.
      - [Goodness]

Religion is the tie that connects man with his Creator, and holds him to His throne.
      - [Religion]

So plain is the distinction of our words,
  That many have supposed it a spirit
    That answers.
      - [Echo]

Thank God, I--I also--am an American!
      - on the completion of the Bunker Hill monument

That name descending with all time, spreading over the whole earth, and uttered in all the languages belonging to all tribes and races of men, will forever be pronounced with affectionate gratitude by everyone in whose breast there shall arise an aspiration for human rights and liberty.
      - in a speech at the Centennial Anniversary of Washington
        [Washington, George]

That name was a power to rally a nation in the hour of thick-thronging public disasters and calamities; that name shone amid the storm of war, a beacon light to cheer and guide the country's friends; it flamed too like a meteor to repel her foes.
      - in a speech at a public grant
        [Washington, George]

The Avon to the Severn runs,
  The Severn, to the sea,
    And Wickliff's dust shall spread abroad
      Wide as the waters be.
      - quoted in an address before the Sons of New Hampshire

The bed of death brings every human being to his pure individuality; to the intense contemplation of that deepest and most solemn of all relations, the relation between the creature and his Creator.
      - [Death]

The clear conception, outrunning the deductions of logic, the high purpose, the dauntless spirit, speaking on the tongue, beaming from the eye, informing every feature, and urging the whole man onward, right onward, to his object--this is eloquence, or rather it is something greater and higher than all eloquence--it is action, noble, sublime, godlike action.
      - [Eloquence]

The farmers are the founders of civilization.
      - [Agriculture]

The greatest of all warriors that went to the siege of Troy had not the pre-eminence because Nature had given him strength and he carried the largest bow, because self-discipline had taught him how to bend it.
      - [Education]

The Law: It has honored us, may we honor it.
      - a toast at the Charleston Bar Dinner [Law]

The longer I live the more highly so I estimate the Christian Sabbath, and the more grateful do I feel towards those who impress its importance on the community.
      - [Sabbath]

The man is free who is protected from injury.
      - [Freedom]

The materials of wealth are in the earth, in the seas, and in their natural and unaided productions.
      - [Earth]

The most fruitful and elevating influence I have ever seemed to meet has been my impression of obligation to God.
      - [Duty]

The past, at least, is secure.
      - [Past]

The protection of American labor against the injurious competition of foreign labor, so far, at least, as respects general handicraft productions, is known historically to have been one end designed to be obtained by establishing the Constitution; and this object, and the constitutional power to accomplish it, ought never in any degree to be surrendered or compromised.
      - [Political Economy]

There has ever been, and will always be, two dominant parties in politics, and this is indirectly an advantage to the general interests of the country.
      - [Party]

There is no evil that we cannot either face or fly from, but the consciousness of duty disregarded. A sense of duty pursues us ever. It is omnipresent, like the Deity. If we take to ourselves the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, duty performed, or duty violated, is still with us, for our happiness or our misery. If we say the darkness shall cover us, in the darkness as in the light our obligations are yet with us. We cannot escape their power, nor fly from their presence. They are with us in this life, will be with us close; and in that scene of inconceivable solemnity, which lies yet farther onward we shall still find ourselves surrounded by the consciousness of duty, to pain us wherever it has been violated, and to console us so far as God may have given us grace to perform it.
      - [Duty]

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